10 reasons to go to the emergency room for vomiting, diarrhea and nausea

Vomiting and diarrhea are not diseases in themselves. They are symptoms and indicators of other internal illnesses and conditions bothering your system. Although most of their causes are normally benign and relatively harmless, some forms of diarrhea and vomiting can be dangerous and potentially fatal. It is therefore critical to get thorough assessment and diagnosis […]

10 Reasons to go to the Emergency Room for Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections are as embarrassing and invasive as they come. These niggly infections will have you touching your itchy genitals from time to time and give you searing pain after peeing. Caused by an infection to one or more organs in the urinary tract, UTIs are some of the most common reasons why people […]

Reasons to go to the emergency room for sprains and strains

In your every day, it is not uncommon to suffer from an injury either to your soft tissue or your bone. Be it in sports, working out in the gym, jogging down the street or even twisting your ankle on the slippery bathroom floor, injuries can occur at any time. Sprains and strains are some […]

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for Sore Throat

How many times have you missed classes or skipped your job because of a sore throat? More than once for sure! Sore throats are very common and they sure are an unwelcome surprise which we can do without. In this blog post, we want to briefly review causes of sore throats and give you reasons […]

10 reasons to go to the emergency room for seizures

Seizures are very scary neurological complications which can be described as sudden electrical disturbances in the brain. When they attack, they will alter your normal behavior, your emotions and will even render you unconscious at times. If the seizures are recurrent, then you are suffering from epilepsy.  There are very many forms of seizures which […]

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for nose bleeding

Nosebleeds look messy and scary but in most cases they are indicative of harmless medical conditions. The real reason why nosebleeds are very common, is because of the abundance of blood vessels in the nose which are superficial. The smallest of injuries or pressure to these vessels will see them rapture.  There are two types […]

10 Reasons to go to the Emergency Room for Minor burns

At some point in your life, you have suffered from a burn in your home or workplace and if it hasn’t happened as yet, then it will eventually happen at some point. We are all exposed to burn risks every single day both in our homes and in our workplaces.  From hot coffee in the […]

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for minor automobile accidents

Our cities and roads are full of cars. America has more than 100 million cars running on its roads and the numbers are only increasing. This high number coupled with factors such as careless driving and bad weather conditions mean that there will be accidents from time to time. If you are not being rear-ended […]

10 reasons to go to the emergency room for lacerations

A laceration is a deep cut or tear in the skin or flesh. Unlike cuts and scrapes, lacerations are very deep and pose a great risk to your health. This is why it is advisable to report any deep laceration to the nearest emergency room to get immediate medical care. Here at Frontline Emergency Room, […]

10 Reasons to Visit the Emergency Room for Infections 

Infections come and go. Some leave us writhing in pain while others go away on their own without medication. The serious infections cause a lot of discomfort and are accompanied by severe health complications that are truly life limiting.  Although most of these infections are mild and pretty harmless, some of them pose a threat […]