10 Reasons to go to the Emergency Room for Minor burns

At some point in your life, you have suffered from a burn in your home or workplace and if it hasn’t happened as yet, then it will eventually happen at some point. We are all exposed to burn risks every single day both in our homes and in our workplaces. 

From hot coffee in the morning, heaters in the winter cold, handling rice cookers, ironing your clothes to cooking pots in the kitchen, the risks of getting burns are all over. Burns are very common and unfortunately, too many people choose to ignore them or try treating them with some redundant home remedies. 

Although some burns are seemingly small and minor, they have the potential to worsen into severe burns that put you into greater risk. Although it is advisable to use home remedies and other first aid measures to mitigate the effects of the minor burns, the best way to deal with any form of burn, is to report the same to the nearest emergency room. 

If you have suffered from any minor burn, here are 10 reasons to report minor burns to emergency rooms as provided by Frontline Emergency Room; 

Burns can quickly escalate 

However small a burn might be, it takes a small piercing for it to escalate and turn into a severe infection or wound. It is therefore important to report any form of burn to the nearest emergency room and get the help that you need to treat it and prevent worsening of the wounds. 

Some burns are in critical areas 

Burns in sensitive areas such as your hands, eyes, ears, hands, genitals, the scalp and any other sensitive part of the skin, should prompt you to visit the emergency room as soon as possible. These are areas which are prone to infections or which will hinder your day to day working and need addressing as soon as possible. 

Some small burns are deep 

Sometimes, burns might look like they are small burns when it truth they are more than just superficial tissue damages. Such burns affect underlying parts of the skin and tissues making them very dangerous. As such, you shouldn’t take any chances with any minor burns. 

If the minor burn covers a large area, report it

Some scalds cover a large part of the external skin. Such burns are a danger to the human system as they expose the skin to infections. However superficial such a burn might appear to be, you should always report it to the nearest emergency room and get the necessary medical help.

Not all burns respond to home remedies 

The other reason why you should always look to report any form of burn to the nearest emergency room, is the fact that some burns don’t respond appropriately to some of the available home remedies. 

Burns in areas such as the eyes and in the genitals will only get worse if you try to use the conventional home remedies to mitigate their effects. The safest thing to do therefore is to report the same to the nearest emergency room. 

Proper diagnosis 

Sometimes, a burn might appear superficial when in real sense, it runs very deep and has probably destroyed some inner tissues or other organs. With the plain eye, you can hardly tell this and it will take the intervention of a medical practitioner with the help of special equipment, to properly analyze the wound, diagnose it and administer the proper medication. 

Medical treatment yields in quicker healing 

Although some home remedies help in mitigating the effects of home burns, they can only do so much. The best way to treat a burn is to get medication from a trained physician. Immediately after first aid, ensure that you visit the nearest emergency room and get the appropriate medication. 

The sooner you report the burn, the quicker you heal 

The other reason as to why you should report any burn sustained in the kitchen or in the workplace, is the fact that you will get urgent medical care which will accelerate the healing process. The sooner you heal, the sooner you get back to your daily life and doing the things you enjoy doing. 

There are treatment options available for burns 

Don’t subscribe to the misleading notion that there is no medication for burns. There is always medication for burns that will not only suppress the pain yielding from the burn but will accelerate the healing process while protecting you from contracting other infections. 

Eliminate the risk of complications 

Why risk getting severe complications when you can just visit the nearest emergency room and get quick treatment for your burn? Trying to avoid a simple 1 hour appointment at the emergency room, can cost you thousands of dollars and potentially your life. Be wise, report any burn to the nearest emergency room. 

Frontline Emergency Room is waiting to treat your minor burn 

Looking for the best emergency room to address your minor burn sustained either at home or in your workplace? Look no further than our way here at Frontline emergency room. Frontline Emergency Room is a no wait emergency room operating 24hrs all year round and offering services at very affordable rates. 


Give us a call or visit our room in Richmond and Dallas Texas today to get immediate care for your minor burns. Choose Frontline Emergency Room for the best emergency care in the area.


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