10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for minor automobile accidents

Our cities and roads are full of cars. America has more than 100 million cars running on its roads and the numbers are only increasing. This high number coupled with factors such as careless driving and bad weather conditions mean that there will be accidents from time to time.

If you are not being rear-ended at the traffic lights, you are most probably getting in a parking lot scuffle with the douchebag that just scratched your car on the other side. We have all been involved in a minor automobile accident but how many times do we report the incidents to the nearest emergency room?

Unless the physical impact is heavy enough to deploy the airbags, most people tend to forget about the emergency room and ride out whatever minor injuries they sustain in the minor accident. This however, should never be the case. However small the injury sustained in a minor accident might look, you should always ensure that you report the same to the nearest emergency room. Here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room;

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for minor automobile accidents

Internal bleeding

Some impacts might not necessary cause external injuries but will yield in internal organ damage and bleeding. You will therefore go about your daily activities without knowing the danger that you are in. It is better to be safe than sorry, report any minor incident to the ER.

Get proper diagnosis

The only sure way to understand the extent of your injury, is by getting proper examination and diagnosis in an emergency room. Emergency rooms like us here at Frontline emergency room, are equipped with special equipment and expertise which we use to fully examine you and declare you safe. In case of any complication, we will then proceed to administer the best possible medication.

Damage control

You should always report minor accidents and incidents to the emergency room as soon as possible, so that the physicians can take a good look at you, examine you and treat you if there is evidence of an injury. If you don’t report incidences, you will be putting yourself at risk.

Even small accident impacts can cause subarachnoid hemorrhage

The other risk that unreported accidents expose you to, is subarachnoid hemorrhage. This is a condition where internal bleeding occurs in the layer that immediately surrounds the brain. These blood stains might drop into the brain and cause a condition referred to as delayed hydrocephalus. Don’t take any chances with accident impacts

It takes minutes to get treatment from the emergency room

It will only take a few minutes to get examined and treated in our emergency room here at Frontline Emergency room. The days of queuing just to get attention from a medical practitioner are behind us and we will treat and discharge you in less than an hour.

Concussions from minor accidents can yield in ischemia

Ischemia is a condition where the brain swells after a collision or injury to the head. Damage to the brain tissue, surrounding blood vessels and nerves causes the brain to swell and this can lead to severe disability and possibly death. Report any impact from minor automobile accidents to the nearest emergency room and get the medical attention you need.

Fractured bones and dislocated joints

The other risk that you are exposed to every time you are involved in minor automobile accidents, are fractured bones and dislocated joints. Immediately after the accident, you might not feel any pain or impact and it is not until you get proper diagnosis that you will discover these complications.

You risk suffering from permanent disability

The other reason why you should report your concussion to the nearest emergency room, is the fact that you are at risk of suffering from permanent disability. Damage to the brain leads to permanent disability. A lot of accident victims either end up paralyzed in one side of the body or become totally disabled.

Damage to the brain leads to permanent disability. A lot of accident victims either end up paralyzed in one side of the body or become totally disabled.

Frontline Emergency Room is open 24hrs

Looking for the best emergency room to report minor accidents in Dallas Texas? Look no further than our way here at Frontline emergency room. Frontline Emergency Room is a no wait emergency room operating 24hrs all year round and offering services at very affordable rates. So irrespective of the time that the accident occurs, we will be there to treat you.

Give us a call or visit our room in Richmond and Dallas Texas today to get urgent care for your minor accident Choose Frontline Emergency Room for the best emergency care in the area. Help us to help you- give us a call today!


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