10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for nose bleeding

Nosebleeds look messy and scary but in most cases they are indicative of harmless medical conditions. The real reason why nosebleeds are very common, is because of the abundance of blood vessels in the nose which are superficial. The smallest of injuries or pressure to these vessels will see them rapture. 

There are two types of nose bleeds, anterior nosebleeds and posterior nosebleeds. Anterior nosebleeds occur when the blood vessels located at the front of the nose rapture and bleed with blood flowing out of the nostrils while posterior bleeding occurs at the back of the deepest part of the nose and blood flows back into the throat. 

Posterior bleeding is dangerous and can be fatal. Anterior bleeding might not be as dangerous, but it still poses its fair share of risks. This is why it is imperative to always report incidences of nose bleeding to the nearest emergency room and get the medical help you need. Here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for nose bleeding; 

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for nose bleeding

Nose bleeding could be a sign of allergies 

Some people bleed as a sign of an allergic reaction. Such bleeding is normally triggered by certain allergens. Such bleeding is continuous until the patient avoids contact with the allergen. If you suspect that your bleeding is as a result of an allergic reaction, report the same to the nearest emergency room and get the best possible medication and tips on how to manage the allergies. 

Nose bleeding indicates availability of dry air 

People living in very dry climates suffer from frequent nose bleeding. When the inside membrane of the nose gets dry, it becomes irritable and any slight scratch will result in bleeding. If you are using a heating system in your home, it could be the cause of the bleeding and you can only find this out if you visit an emergency room and talk to a medical practitioner. 

Too much bleeding can cause death 

Excessive bleeding can cause anemia and eventually death. Yes, there are cases of people who lost their lives simply because of nose bleeding. Bleeding especially in your sleep is very dangerous and poses great risks. You should therefore report any unexplained bleeding to the ER and get proper medication before things get out of hand. 

Bleeding is indicative of an injury to the nose 

If your nose is inured, it will be bleeding frequently. If you report the same to the emergency room, you will have your nose examined, given proper medication to prevent recurrence of the bleeding in future. 

Bleeding could be a sign that you live in a contaminated area 

Yes, if you come into contact with chemical irritants, there are chances that your nose will be bleeding from time to time. If you have limited or no medical background, you will not be able to tell the exact cause of this bleeding- this is why it is important to report to emergency rooms and get proper medical care. 

Cost of services in emergency rooms is very affordable

It is important to note that the cost of services offered in emergency rooms is very competitive and affordable for most people. We will therefore not overcharge you for treating your nose bleeding. It is also important to note that emergency rooms accept most medical insurances on offer. 

We at Frontline Emergency Room, care about you our client. We therefore offer high quality medical care to our clients at very affordable rates. We also are very flexible when it comes to payment methods accepted.  Give us call about your broken bone and we will treat you at a very affordable rate. 

Friendly staff 

Handling precarious conditions such as nose bleeds, requires utmost care and professionalism. Fortunately, we have that in plenty here at Frontline Emergency room. All our staff members are very friendly and will treat you with highest regard.

Better be safe than sorry 

There is no point in trying to act tough and try to see out whatever is triggering your frequent nose bleeding. Always be safe or you will regret the decision of not reporting on time. The condition behind the bleeding will only worsen with time and if not addressed, will escalate to dangerous levels and will even cause death.

Frontline Emergency Room is open 24hrs 

Looking for the best emergency room to report frequent bleeding in Dallas and Richmond Texas? Look no further than our way here at Frontline emergency room. Frontline Emergency Room is a no wait emergency room operating 24hrs all year round and offering services at very affordable rates. So irrespective of the time that the bleeding starts, we will be there to treat you.


Give us a call or visit our room in Richmond and Dallas Texas today to get urgent care for your unending nose bleeds. Choose Frontline Emergency Room for the best emergency care in the area. Help us to help you- give us a call today!


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