Reasons to go to the emergency room for sprains and strains

In your every day, it is not uncommon to suffer from an injury either to your soft tissue or your bone. Be it in sports, working out in the gym, jogging down the street or even twisting your ankle on the slippery bathroom floor, injuries can occur at any time.

Sprains and strains are some of the most common injuries that people suffer from on a day to day basis. Although the two are very closely related in nature, there is a slight difference between them and understanding this difference will help you in diagnosing them and getting the relevant help from an emergency.

Whereas a strain occurs in the soft tissue as a result of overstretching or overusing the muscles and tendons, a sprain is as a result of a ligament getting overstretched or torn as a result of a blow or trauma that directly impacts the ligaments.

The symptoms of sprains and strains include pain, severe inflammation, muscle weakness, bruising and joint instability. These are symptoms which will most certainly affect the quality of life you are leading. It is therefore essential to report any sprain or strain to the nearest emergency room to get immediate medical care.

Here at Frontline Emergency Room, we always advise our patients to report any suspected strains and sprains to us with immediate effect. Here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for sprains and strains;

Reasons to go to the emergency room for sprains and strains

Proper diagnosis

As earlier on mentioned, sprains and strains are very similar both in the manner in which they occur and their symptoms are not worlds apart either. To get proper diagnosis therefore, it is wise to visit the nearest emergency room.

Frontline ER has the best tools and equipment for proper diagnosis of injuries. Our x-ray machines will give us a vivid picture of the injury you are suffering from and make our work of treating the same injury very easy.

It could be worse than just a sprain

The other reason why you should visit an emergency room is because the injury could be worse than you even think. The injury could be a bone fracture or even a bone break. These conditions are far worse and they need immediate medical care.

Get immediate medical care

The pain resulting from sprains and strains can be suppressed if you report the injury to an emergency room on time. The sooner you report the same to the emergency room, the better for you.

Eliminate the risk of further complications and infections

Left untreated, sprains and sprains can worsen and increase your chances of contracting muscle diseases and other complications. The longer you sleep on the injury, the higher the risk of contracting even more serious complications.

Get back to doing your daily work as soon as possible

Sprains and strains can be hindrances in life. They will prevent you from doing what you love doing and will affect the quality of life that you are leading. It is therefore important to ensure that you get them treated as soon as possible and go back to your normal daily life.

Sprains and strains can be career threatening

If you are a sports person, strains and sprains can be the genesis of the demise of your professional career. If you are not careful, simple sprains and strains can result to major injuries which can kill your professional career even before you shine on the big stage.

Treatment is available

The other reason why you should be keen to visit an emergency room for sprains and strains is because there are treatment options available. Sprains and strains are injuries to tendons, muscles and ligaments and these are not the hardest to treat. Depending on the severity of the injury, you will be subjected either to medication or therapy meant to help the soft tissue heal.

You won’t be admitted because of a sprain or a strain

The other thing you need to understand, is the fact that sprains and strains don’t result in admission in emergency rooms. You will be treated and discharged on the same day. You have no reason therefore to dread reporting the same to the emergency room and get the help you require.

Home remedies don’t always work

Although home remedies help in controlling the pain, they are not always as effective in treating some forms of muscle strains and soft tissue sprains. The safest bet would therefore be to report the same to the nearest emergency room.

Frontline Emergency Room is open for 24hrs

Want the best emergency room for injuries, sprains and strains? Look no further than our way here at Frontline Emergency Room. We offer the best emergency room services at very affordable rates to our clients and are open for 24hrs a day all year long.


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