When to Visit an Emergency Room in the Summer

Summer is here. This is means endless hours in the scorching sun, good food, meeting up with our friends and family and a long deserved break from the monotonous work environment. On the flipside, summer means exposure to a number of disease causing agents, diet recklessness and a host of other hazards. According to stats […]

When to Visit an Emergency Room for Youth Sports

According to a report by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, there was a total of 4 million youth sports injuries in children and teens in the year 2017 alone. This makes up about 40% of all the total injuries which were reported for children and teens under the age of 18 years. Majority of […]

When to Visit an Emergency Room for Heatstroke

Two of the most common heat related complications that people suffer from, are heatstroke and heat exhaustion. Although the two are slightly different in nature, they are all associated with the body’s inability to cope with too much heat. Heat exhaustion is caused by too much heat in the body and the inability of the […]

When to visit an emergency room for headaches

Whether mild or seriously throbbing, we have all suffered from a headache. They are unwelcome guests every now and again but thing is, they not ceasing to hit us any time soon. What causes these headaches? When should you ride out the pain? When should you go to the emergency room for headaches? Causes of […]

When to Visit an Emergency Room for head Injuries

Did you recently bang your head against the steering wheel and are wondering whether there is a need to see a physician? Well, although not all sustained head injuries necessarily require a trip to the ER, there are some symptoms that you should look out for after a head injury which should prompt you to […]

When to Visit an Emergency Room for Allergies

Headaches, congestions, watery and itchy eyes, are just a few of the nagging symptoms that more than 60 million Allergic sufferers experience day in day out. So common are allergies nowadays that they make up more than 13% of all the emergency room visits in Emergency facilities in the country and the numbers are only […]

When to Visit an Emergency Room for Abdominal Pain

It is very highly unlikely that you have never suffered from abdominal pain in your entire life. Abdominal pains are relatively common and everyone must have suffered from some form of abdominal pain their life. Here at Frontline Emergency Room, we receive thousands of cases related to abdominal pains every single year- some are indicative […]

When to go to an Emergency Room for a Migraine

Ever had a throbbing headache which made you feel like you are going to lose it the next minute? Well, that’s nothing compared to what 15% of all Americans who suffer from constant migraines experience on a constant basis. In a nutshell, migraines are a debilitating form of headache which are caused by abnormal brain […]

when to go to an emergency room for heat exhaustion

Summer comes with a lot of goodies and the sun is the chief blessing we get to enjoy all summer long. Although we all relish the idea of spending numerous hours in the sun and taking a break from our work life, there is a risk in spending too much time out in the sun-you […]

When to go to an emergency room for backpains

Back pains are telling. They are one of the body’s most reliable means of communicating to you that something somewhere is seriously wrong and you need to get it addressed. Although the problem could be as harmless as a bad sleeping surface, it could also be as humongous as a dysfunctional kidney. You simply can’t […]