When to go to an emergency room for backpains

Back pains are telling. They are one of the body’s most reliable means of communicating to you that something somewhere is seriously wrong and you need to get it addressed. Although the problem could be as harmless as a bad sleeping surface, it could also be as humongous as a dysfunctional kidney. You simply can’t afford to take back pains lightly-there is too much at stake.

Since it is impossible to tell what is exactly causing the back pains, there is only one way to find out- visiting the nearest emergency room! See, back pains can be a forerunner of disability or some serious symptom indicating serious pathology. As such, trying to toughen up and living through the pain, can mean the difference between a healthy you and a disabled life.

So, what are the symptoms of back pains that should prompt you to visit the emergency room? Here are tips on when to immediately report your back pain to the nearest emergency room;

A sudden acute pain that travels down either or both your legs should be reported immediately

The reasons why one normally feels pain in his arms is because of the sciatic nerve which is located in the lower back being injured. An injury to this nerve causes pain to travel down through the path of the sciatic nerve and can be felt as it throbs down either of the legs or both.

Pain accompanied by numbness in the lower body especially in the legs

If you have back pains which are accompanied by numbness in the lower body area especially in the legs, then you need to visit the nearest emergency room. Numbness in the lower body is an indication of an injury to one or multiple lumbar nerves or something even worse. Injuries to such crucial nerves can cause total paralysis if they are not attended to on time. Any numbness in one or both feet should be reported to the nearest emergency room especially if it is accompanied by back pains,

Sharp lower back pains are particularly indicative of serious complications

Most of the harmless back pains resulting from rigorous physical activity are normally manageable and don’t last more than a day after you get good rest. If you ever feel a sudden sharp and very severe pain in the back and you have not been engaging in any physical activity, then you need to ring the nearest emergency room. This might be an indication of a problem with your back muscles or even the spinal cord. We all know how fragile the spinal cord is and what its injury can bring forth. You therefore should not take chances with such pains. It is not advisable to try and ride through the pain because this can cause severe complications. Visit the nearest emergency room as soon as you can.

Pain accompanied with sudden appetite loss and unexplained weight loss

If you have been experiencing mild back pains for some time now and realize that you have lost some weight and have problems with your appetite, you need to visit the emergency room because you could be in some potential danger. Loss of bowel and urinary control is a sign of a very serious medical condition like cancer or a tumor lodged in your spine. It is therefore important that you get assed as soon as possible to avert further trouble.

Back pain coupled with loss of bladder control

If your back pains are accompanied by bowel and/or urinary incontinence (condition where you are inability to hold urine and loss of rectal control) you need to visit the emergency room before it is all too late. These symptoms are normally indicative of cauda equine syndrome. This syndrome is caused by severe compression of the nerve sac in the lower spine of the back. You feel a lot of pressure within you and however much you try to hold back urine and stool, they still pass through. Make a visit to the emergency room as soon as you start receiving these symptoms and let the doctors give the way forward.

Recurrent back pains

If you are experiencing relatively mild pains but which are recurrent, it is best advised that you get medical attention. Recurrent back pains are indicative of an unresolved medical problem within your body and the only way to find out about the problem is to visit an emergency room for diagnosis and treatment.

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