When to Visit an Emergency Room in the Summer

Summer is here. This is means endless hours in the scorching sun, good food, meeting up with our friends and family and a long deserved break from the monotonous work environment. On the flipside, summer means exposure to a number of disease causing agents, diet recklessness and a host of other hazards.

According to stats from the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than 32% of all the reported emergencies and diseases in hospitals and emergencies, come during and just after summer. This goes to show that if you are not careful out there, a lot can go wrong.

To avoid being part of the statistics, stay safe during summer and report any medical emergency or any other form of emergency to the nearest medical institution and an emergency room in particular.

The sooner you report any emergency in the summer, the sooner it will be addressed and the more time you will have to have fun out there. Here are tips on when to visit an emergency room in the summer;

Tips on when to visit an emergency room in the summer

Report any reddened skin

Have you been spending too much time on the sun and are starting to get sunburns and a red skin? Well, these are the first signs of heat taking a toll on you and lack of enough sweating to effectively cool your body. Report this to the nearest emergency room and get the medication required to repress the symptoms and prevent further symptoms.

This could also a sign that you are spending too much time on the sun and you need to use more sunscreen.

Unexplained headaches might be a sign of dehydration or something worse

Contrary to popular opinion, it is not normal to suffer from headaches simply because you are spending time in the sun. Headaches accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of dizziness and confusion, should be a warning sign that not all is going well.

If you feel a tad bit disoriented and are somewhat confused when suffering from headaches, then that is indicative of a serious injury which needs attention from medical experts. Sometimes after an impact to the head, you are left in a trance for some few minutes and feel confused with little knowledge of what is going on around you. This could be indicative of dehydration or something worse and you need to get it addressed as soon as possible.

High body temperatures coupled with vomiting and nausea

If you are experiencing high body temperatures coupled with headaches, nausea and vomiting, then you should report the same to the nearest emergency room. Headaches are a sign of dehydration in the body and an indication that a lot is going on within your body.

Report any form of abdominal pain

Abdominal pains are indicative of a myriad of complications. They could mean food poisoning or a stomach bug. If they are accompanied by vomiting blood, abdominal pains could be a sign of gastrointestinal injury as well. Don’t wait till the abdominal pains culminate to vomiting blood, rush to the nearest medical institution preferably an emergency room and seek medical help in the summer.

Unexplained back pains in the summer

If you are experiencing relatively mild pains but which are recurrent, it is best advised that you get medical attention. Recurrent back pains are indicative of an unresolved medical problem within your body and the only way to find out about the problem is to visit an emergency room for diagnosis and treatment. Recurrent back pains in the summer will hinder your remaining active and as such, every effort should be made to resolve the issues and ensure that by the time summer is over, you are in the best shape possible.

Report any STD

A lot of people contract sexually transmitted infections during summer. In the mood of having a good time, some people end up contracting these unwanted infections and some people ignore their signs. The early you report an infection to the emergency room, the higher the chances of it getting treated properly.

Report any injuries sustained in the summer

It is easy to sustain a physical injury out in the beach. Irrespective of the magnitude of the injury, always report to the same to the nearest emergency room and get it treated.

Report any bug bite

In case of an insect or bug bite in the summer, report the same to the nearest emergency room. Some bug bites will cause irritation and can potentially lead to infections.

Frontline is open 24 hours all summer for you

As you enjoy the scorching sun in Dallas and Richmond, do not hesitate to report any medical emergency to us here at Frontline Emergency Room. We are open 24 hours all summer and are looking forward to ensuring that your summer is as enjoyable as possible.


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