10 Essential Items to Include In Your First Aid Kit

10 Essential Items to Include In Your First Aid Kit

Accidents and injuries can happen anywhere. If you are away from home, you need a well-stocked first aid kit to respond to the emergency at hand. A first aid kit that has the right items can help you save a life. Below are ten essential items that you will need in your first aid kit.

Antiseptic Wash

When you are at home, you can gain access to soap and water for cleaning your hands or an injured part. However, if you are in the middle of the road or outdoors getting the two might be difficult. An antiseptic wash is very helpful in such a situation. Some brands might also have a mild pain reliever. The antiseptic wash often comes in liquid form that is easy to use and its stream is strong enough to get rid of even dirt particles in an injury.

ACE bandage

ACE bandages provide support for sprains, twists, or other joint injuries. They are washable and reusable and they have a lasting elasticity. If you need one that you can easily fasten buy one with Velcro rather than one that has metal fasteners.

Gauze pads

Gauze pads are another item that should be in your first aid kit. They are very efficient when you are faced with large wounds. They are used to absorb blood or cover the wounds. You can buy in different pad sizes and include a pair of scissors in your kit to help you cut the gauze pads according to the size you need.

Cold pack

The use of ice on most injuries prevent swelling. You can use the ice pack on sprained ankles or any other joint injuries. You can also use them on bumps and bruises. The instant ice pack can be used when you need it as it does not need a freezer to keep it cold. Ensure you buy several of them as one can only be used once.

Adhesive tape or medical tape

You will need an adhesive tape for many situations during an emergency. For instance, you might need it to form splints or to secure gauze pads. Medical tape is even better as it does not leave any residue behind and does not stick to the skin, which protects a wound from reopening when the tape is removed.


Tweezers come in handy when you are picking out splinters, gravel, insect stingers, thorns, or glass shards. The best pair of tweezers are the ones that close tightly and has a good grip. Also consider one with an angled, pointed tip or a clear view function as with such you can see what you are doing especially if you have a child who won’t keep still.

Latex gloves or nitrile gloves

These are essential to keep you and the patient’s wound free from bacteria, disease and anything else that might be harmful to the two of you. Latex gloves are also very helpful if you need to clean up body fluids or change diapers. If you can find nitrile gloves the better, as some people are allergic to latex or rubber.

Sting and bite treatment

Insect bites and stings might arise while outdoors. A sting kit is essential to help ease the pain from a bite or sting. If you have a family member who is allergic to a bee or insect sting, ensure you have an Epi-pen and can save a life. Ensure the Epi-pen is working and up to date.

Pain relievers

A bottle of aspirin or ibuprofen is necessary when you have a patient complaining of aches and pains. They are essential for headaches, nausea or in cases of minor wounds. The pain relievers will also protect the body from producing prostaglandins, which lead to inflammation, swelling or fever, which are effects of an injury.


These are essential when it comes to covering small injuries such as small cuts, burns, or scraps. A box with Band-Aids of different sizes is the best. Most of the Band-Aids have an antibacterial protection that will be useful in cleaning the wound and preventing infection. Additionally, you do not have to worry if you forgot your antiseptic wash as these Band-Aids will work just fine in keeping the wound clean.

A first aid kit that has the right items can make you have peace of mind even when not in the house. You also need to know how to use the items listed in case of an injury or emergency. However, remember that a first aid kit is supposed to manage an injury. If the injury is more than you can handle it is important to get the patient to the ER.

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