When to go to an Emergency Room for a Migraine

Ever had a throbbing headache which made you feel like you are going to lose it the next minute? Well, that’s nothing compared to what 15% of all Americans who suffer from constant migraines experience on a constant basis.

In a nutshell, migraines are a debilitating form of headache which are caused by abnormal brain activity and they affect the signal reception in the nerve. They also affect the way blood flows to and from the brain. They normally affect one side of the head and are VERY painful.

There are very many causes of these blinding headaches and some people are lucky enough to be able to identify the things that trigger the migraines in their lives while others can’t pin point the things that trigger the headaches. The most common causes include allergies, bright lights, emotional stress, fatigue and some medication tablets.

Unless you have already been diagnosed with migraines before, it can be a tad difficult to differentiate them from abnormally strong headaches. As such, you should be on the lookout for the following symptoms and signs and should report the same to the nearest emergency room. Here are tips on when to go to the emergency room for migraine;

Tips on When to Go to the Emergency Room for Migraine

Report any severe headache pain

Almost all forms of migraine, are characterized by moderate to severe headache. The headaches normally tend to be confined to one side of the head but some cover the entire head. The pain is normally throbbing and coincides with the heartbeat. This means that every time your heart beats, you can feel the throbbing pain in your head. It comes in almost regular pulses.

If you are experiencing an abnormal headache therefore, which is pulsating in nature and very painful, report the same to the nearest emergency room and get the required medical diagnosis and treatment.

Pain accompanied by fatigue

The other symptom associated with migraines is fatigue and general feeling of sickness. You feel physically weak and can’t do the normal physical activities which you can easily carry out when you are not sick.

If your headache is rendering you tired and leaving you feeling extremely tired, then chances are, you are suffering from a form of migraine and need to get to the nearest emergency room. Such fatigue doesn’t end even after the pain subsides.

Sensitivity to light and sound

The other thing that is associated with migraines is the increased sensitivity to light and sound around you. All you want is to be in a dark room which is quiet and has very few distractions. You actually feel relieved when you keep your eyes closed.

If any exposure to very bright lights and flickering lights elicits headaches in you, then you probably need to get diagnosed for migraine. Report such symptoms to your emergency room and get the required medical attention.

Blurred vision or unresolved loss of vision

The other symptom that points towards a serious headache that needs medical attention, is blurred vision and momentary loss of vision. These are symptoms that point towards ocular migraine which can cause blindness if they are not attended to by an expert. Such headaches are caused by sensitivity to flashing light, and bind spots in your field of view.

Ocular migraines are very painful. Without immediate medical care, they result into temporary blindness and unbearable throbbing pain. Report the same to the nearest emergency room and get the help you need.

Nausea and vomiting

The other symptom of migraines which cannot go unnoticed, is the bad feeling of nausea and vomiting. If your headache is accompanied by vomiting and a feeling of nausea, you should definitely report the same to the nearest emergency room. Nausea and vomiting is caused by the closing of the pyloric sphincter to low digestion. The stomach dilates and any leftovers stay in the stomach and they cause the severe nausea and vomiting when we have headaches.

Weakness and loss of balance and coordination

The telling sign in migraines, is the loss of balance, weakness and even paralysis in extreme cases. As earlier on mentioned, headaches might be as a result of an infection to the nerves or some other important organ in the head or neck and one indication of such a disorder to the above mentioned organs, is the feeling of weakness, loss of balance and even paralysis in extreme cases.

Nerve infections and other complications of the spinal cord, can cause terrible headaches as your body tries to signal you that there is something wrong within. If you don’t take the headaches as a warning sign, you might end up suffering from diseases such as meningitis and other neural diseases.

Call frontline ER for the best migraine remedies

Migraines are manageable if they are reported on time and the right medication offered. As such, if you are struggling with unending headaches and nausea in Dallas or Richmond, give us a call here at Frontline Emergency Room and we will offer the medication you need to quell the unbearable pain.


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