Top 3 Reasons to Visit a FreeStanding Emergency Room

Are you in an emergency and are looking for the best facility to report your emergency? Are you uncertain about the proficiency of freestanding emergency rooms in responding to emergencies? Well, if you are looking for a reason to report your emergency to emergency room, today we are going to give you three.

For a very long time, there has been a misconception that freestanding emergency rooms aren’t as qualified as emergency departments in hospitals in terms of responding to emergencies. A lot of people believe that freestanding emergency rooms are just glorified urgent care centers and are therefore not well-equipped to respond to emergencies.

As a top freestanding emergency room in America, we understand what it takes to be a functional emergency room and how qualified we are to offer services to those who need them. In this blog post, Frontline Emergency Room gives you 3 reasons to choose a free standing emergency room over the other available emergency facilities;

Top 3 Reasons to Choose a Free Standing Emergency Room

Properly Equipped Facilities Operated By Professionals

Freestanding emergency rooms are equipped just like hospitals and are capable of performing even the most complex of procedures right there on the spot. They have the facilities required for basic surgery, they have well equipped labs, they can scan patients using X-rays and CT scans, Ultrasound and some even have MRI units. This means that whatever form of care that you need, you will most likely get it in the emergency room.

Freestanding emergency rooms are under the care of board certified emergency room doctors with full labs and complex work-ups for things like liver function and kidney function. The medical practitioners here are qualified to handle all the medical conditions reported to them. Just like a hospital ER, they can provide IV treatment when necessary and monitor you for up to 23 hours before discharge or hospitalization. You can therefore expect nothing short of the best possible service in such facilities.

Open 24 Hours a Day with Short Waiting Times

Freestanding emergency rooms are always open for 24 hours a day 365 days a year including holidays and weekends. The staff members work in shifts here and at no time will you not get someone to attend to you. Whether it is very early in the morning or late into the night, they are always there waiting for you.

The other reasons why you should be keen on visiting an emergency room, is the fact that the waiting times in these facilities is very short. Compared to other emergency facilities available, the waiting times in freestanding emergency rooms are way shorter. This is down to proper management and quick service delivery in all these freestanding emergency rooms.

Scope of Services Offered in ERs

The other reason why you should go to freestanding emergency rooms, is the because of the wide array of services that are offered in here. There is literally no medical emergency service that is not offered in freestanding emergency rooms.

Be it imaging services, medication, prescription of drugs to consultation, you can get whatever service that you are looking for in emergency rooms. The good thing about all this is the fact that the freestanding emergency rooms are just a stone throw away from our residences. This means that all the essential services that we need are brought closer to us.

Give Frontline Emergency Room A Call Today

Are you located in Richmond Texas or in Dallas Texas and have always been looking for the best emergency room to call your own? Do you need an emergency with a large clientbase and has a very good reputation among its clients? Well, look no further than our way here at Frontline Emergency Room.

Frontline Emergency Room is a no wait emergency care facility offering the best emergency services to the locals of Richmond, TX and Dallas, TX at very affordable rates. We pride ourselves in offering a range of services including emergency medicine, consultation, and prescription of medication, treatment of day to day complications, diagnosis of complications and many other services. To find out if we offer the services that you are looking for in Dallas or Richmond Texas, give our ever available customer service team a call and they will attend to you.

Frontline Emergency Rooms accept most of the medical insurances on offer in Texas and you should therefore not be too worried about your insurance. We also offer a flexible payment plan and are always willing to listen to you. Talk to us about your complications and whatever financial constraints that you are in and we will listen to you and offer the help that you need.

Join Our Ever Growing Client Base

If you are in Dallas or Richmond and are looking for a family emergency room that cares for all, choose Frontline Emergency Room. Our clientbase is growing by day and this is down to the fact that people enjoy our high quality affordable services.

Give us a call to inquire about our services and we will gladly be of service to you always.


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