Top 10 Reasons to Visit An Emergency Room for Brain and Neuro Care

The brain and the neural system are some of the most sensitive parts of the human body. Any injury to these parts, will either leave you seriously disabled or potentially lead to your death. It is therefore very important to try as much as possible to report any complication or concern pertaining the brain or the central nervous system.

In this blog post, we want to look at some of the signs and symptoms that should prompt you to visit an emergency room with immediate effect. These are symptoms that are indicative of common brain and neural infections. Here are the top 10 reasons to Visit an Emergency Room for Brain and Neuro Care;

Top 10 Reasons to Visit an Emergency Room for Brain and Neuro Care

Constant Headaches

If you are suffering from constant headaches and migraines which you can’t seem to explain, you need to report the same to the emergency room. Unexplained migraines warrant neurological consultation as they are indicative of serious infections to the brain and change in the functioning of the brain.

Loss of consciousness after impact

If you momentarily lost your consciousness after a head injury, there is need to visit an emergency room within the next 24 hours. Injuries to the head which result in loss of consciousness, must have been caused by large impact forces which are potential organ-damagers and it is a wise thing to go to the emergency room and get proper diagnosis and treatment.

Chronic pain in the neck and back area

The other symptom that should prompt you to go looking for neuro care in an emergency room, is incessant pain in the neck and back area. Such chronic pain could be indicative of a serious neurological infection especially if it is accompanied by other symptoms such as dizziness and migraines.

Loss of memory after impact

If after a head injury you realize that your memory is deteriorating, then it is best advised to visit an emergency room for medical care. Loss of memory could be indicative of a concussion and the best thing to do is to consult a physician for proper diagnosis and medication.


The other red flag which is indicative of a brain injury which requires immediate medical attention, is frequent seizures immediately after a head injury. Seizures are a sign that there is a disruption in the normal functioning of the neural system together with the brain and you therefore need to get immediate medical care from an emergency room.

Numbness and a tingling feeling

If you ever experience a numbing or tingling feeling especially on one part of the body, you should be very alarmed. Numbing and tingling sensations could be signs of something as serious as a stroke. You should therefore not let the situation escalate to the serious levels and you should report it to the emergency room as soon as possible.

Feeling of weakness

A feeling of weakness which is not as a result of heavy physical activity should also prompt you to go talk to the doctor about the welfare of your brain and neural system. Weakness especially in specific muscles such as the back and neck, should prompt you to visit the nearest emergency room for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Vision problems

Partial or gradual vision loss which cannot be explained, could be indicative of a problem to the nervous system. If the problem especially affects both eyes, you should be warned and report the same to the nearest emergency room. Infections to the nervous system affect major organs and the eyes are the biggest victims in most cases.

Dementia and related complications

If out of nowhere you are starting to forget things pretty quickly and are having sleep disorders, you should report the same to the nearest emergency room. Complications to the brain affect the way one thinks and one’s memory and you should report any abnormalities to your emergency room and get the help you require.

Progressive or worsening symptoms

Sometimes, after a head injury, the symptoms might not be serious or immediate but will be progressive. This simply means that you will be experiencing things like deteriorating memory which gets worse by day or headaches whose frequency goes a notch higher every single day. If you discover that this is the case, then you are advised to seek immediate medical help from an emergency room.

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