The Best Guide for Winter Sports Safety

Now that winter is around the corner, we are all gearing towards a successful winter sports season. Winter won’t stick around with us for too long and it is therefore important to take advantage of this weather and make the most of it.

As we shop for winter sports gear though, we should shop with one thing in mind- safety during the winter sports. Although winter presents a great platform for competitive and recreational sports, it also poses a great threat to those involved in the games.

Not only is the weather dangerous, the conditions are precarious and the risk of injury and harm, couldn’t be any higher. It is therefore important to try and stay as safe as possible the entire winter season and make unforgettable memories.

We are used to receiving accident victims during winter here at Frontline Emergency Room and although we are always glad to help, we are not delighted to see people’s fun cut short by accidents and recklessness. This is why Frontline Emergency Room has put together this guide for winter sport safety.

Best Guide for Winter Sports Safety

Here are tips on how to stay safe when taking part in winter sports;

Invest in the right gear and equipment

The first step towards a successful winter sports season, is gearing up properly for whatever sport that you intend to take part in. Be it snowboarding, skiing or even ice skating, you need to invest in high quality gear to reduce chances of accidents.

The helmet especially, is very important in winter sports. Winter sports have lots of jumps and falls and if you don’t invest in a high quality helmet, you will be predisposing yourself to head injuries which can be fatal.

Drink lots and lots of fluids

The other thing that you will need during winter, is drinking of lots and lots of water. A lot of people often overlook drinking water when taking part in winter sports just because the weather is not hot. If anything, the cold air we breathe in during winter is very dehydrating and will result in a lot of exhaustion.

Drink lots and lots of water before starting to take part in winter sports and if possible, carry a bottle to replenish the fluids while you are out in the field.

Always move as a group

Unless you are a pro, always ensure that you play in the vicinity of other competitors. You never know when something will go wrong and it is best advised to always be in the company of two or three other friends.

In the event of an accident, your friends will be there to administer first aid and ring the emergency services. If you move alone, chances are that you will be stuck alone and can even end up dying out in the cold all by yourself.

Ensure that you have a compass and a map

When going on an adventure in the mountains, it is wise to carry a compass and a map. If you are stuck when charting a new path, always reference on the map and find your way back to the beaten path.

These are the simple safety tips that most people overlook and end up regretting in the end.

Learn how to fall gently

As earlier on mentioned, snow sports are full of falling and jumping. You will therefore need to brace yourself for falling at high speed. Take lessons on how to safely land on your shoulders, wrists and even elbows without injuring them.

Use your eyes at all times

Ensure that you keep your eyes wide open at all times. The moment you lost your concentration and close your eyes in the field, you risk a collision or landing on a boulder. Ensure that your eyes are open at all times and alert those around you of any impending danger.

Stop whenever you feel exhausted

Whenever you feel exhausted, simply stop, take a rest and continue later. Accidents occur more often when the participants are more tired. Be safe, take a rest and continue later.

Know your limits

Don’t try extreme stunts just to wow and impress the crowd in attendance. Understand your limits and you will be safe. Always ensure that you practice all those maneuvers first-hand before you attempt them on the field of play.

Have an emergency room contact on standby

Yes, whenever you are out in the field, ensure that you have an emergency room contact with you. In the event of an accident, ask a friend to dial the contact so that the emergency room can get to you as soon as possible.

If you are in Richmond Texas or Dallas Texas and are looking for the best emergency room to report any winter sports injuries and accidents, look no further than our way here at Frontline Emergency Room.

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