Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Mental Health

Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Mental Health

Most of the guidelines issued by governments and local authorities have been on how to keep ourselves and our families healthy and free from the virus but a key issue that hasn’t been focused on that much are the challenges to our mental and emotional well being as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the social-distancing orders that are in place to stop the spread of the virus. If you are looking for ways to cope mentally during the current crisis, this article, together with the gurus over at, will look to help by highlighting the top 10 coronavirus tips for mental health.

Stay together and connected but from a distance

One of the most important things as far as your mental health is concerned is maintaining relationships with close friends and family, something the gurus over at agree with. Therefore, one of the coronavirus tips for mental health is to ensure that you find ways that will allow you to remain in touch with your friends and family, while still social-distancing. You can connect with them through phone calls, video calls, social media and so forth.

Help and support others

Another coronavirus tip for mental health is to try and find ways to help and support others, from the vulnerable people in your community to friends and family who may need help. You could make a donation to a good cause, go to the grocery store and pharmacy to get provisions for an elderly neighbor or join a community group supporting people in your community among other things to do. Helping others will not only make a difference in your community, it will also make you feel better about yourself, helping with your mental health.

Keep physically fit

As per the subject matter experts over at, your physical health has a big impact on your emotional and mental health. You should therefore ensure that you exercise regularly, take in enough fluids and that you are also eating a healthy and balanced diet. If you are able to go outside, try taking a walk in your backyard or even gardening. All this will help with your physical health and therefore with your mental wellbeing too.

Share your worries

It is understandable that you are worried or scared about the current coronavirus situation. Therefore, as a tip for your mental health by the gurus over at, you should ensure that you share how you feel with friends and family and not keep things bottled up. You may even get help as your friends and family will be able to tell you how they are coping with their own worries and anxieties.

Get enough sleep

Another tip by the subject matter experts over at is to try and maintain regular sleeping patterns even as we grapple with the current coronavirus crisis. Getting enough high-quality sleep is essential for good mental health which is something we need to consider. It is also important to good sleep practices, such as avoiding screens before going to bed, creating a peaceful and restful environment as well as cutting back on caffeine.

Manage your media and information consumption

As per discussions on the same over at, 24-hours news and constant updates on social media as pertains the coronavirus will only make you more worried and is definitely not good for your mental health. As a tip, try to limit the amount of information you consume and the amount of time you spend watching, listening or reading media coverage on COVID-19. While it is important to be informed, try to check the news at set times rather than being on a 24-hour news coverage loop.

Make sure you are getting the facts straight

On a related note to the tip above, it is also important to ensure that you are consuming high-quality and accurate information as concerns the coronavirus crisis. As covered over at, there is a lot of fake news reporting going on, which may end up worrying you unnecessarily. For the good of your mental health, find a credible and reliable news source such as the relevant government websites, where you can go and fact-check any information you receive on social media or from newsfeeds so as to ensure you are reacting to facts and not lies.

Keep your mind active

Keeping your mind active will help you keep your thoughts from wandering, ensuring you don’t worry unnecessarily, which is yet another tip the folks over at have as far as mental health goes. Ways through which you can keep your mind active include reading, plying games, drawing, painting, doing sudokus or crossword puzzles and so forth.

Find a way to do things and hobbies you enjoy

While you may not be able to do some of your favorite hobbies, if there are those that you can still be able to do, then you should try and do them in yet another coronavirus tip for mental health by the gurus over at If you like baking or cooking, then you can still be able to do such hobbies and this will definitely help you as far as your mental and emotional wellbeing is concerned which is why this is yet another tip for mental health.

Set yourself goals

Setting goals then achieving them is an excellent way to give yourself some sense of purpose as well as regaining a bit of control and as such it is yet another top coronavirus tip for mental health. You can set yourself a goal of learning a given skill online, or reading a given book within a certain period of time, which will definitely be good for your mental health when you do achieve said goal.

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