Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Knee Pain Emergencies

Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Knee Pain Emergencies

Under normal circumstances, knee pain emergencies would be easy to deal with, both traumatic and non-traumatic as is covered in detail over at However, the coronavirus crisis we are living right now is clearly not a normal circumstance and therefore if you are wondering how to go about things as far these situations go, this article will look to help by highlighting the top 10 coronavirus tips as far as knee pain emergencies go.

Seek medical advice

The most important tip when dealing with knee pain emergencies is to seek medical advice by calling your doctor as soon as possible. As per the gurus over at, the last thing you want to do is make assumptions and diagnose yourself as this could lead to bad outcomes. While the temptation could be to go it alone due to the current coronavirus crisis, it is temptation you should resist as it will only do you more harm than good.

Be aware of the link between rheumatoid arthritis and coronavirus

Knee pain is not only caused by trauma to the knee, but could also be as a result of non-traumatic conditions such as arthritis. This is why, as a tip by the gurus over at, you should be aware of the fact that, if you have arthritis, you are at an increased risk of getting COVID-19. You should therefore be extremely careful when dealing with knee pain emergencies that are as a result of arthritis, to protect yourself from the virus.

Don’t take non-traumatic knee pain lightly

Most people are afraid of seeking out medical care as they fear they could be exposed to COVID-19, and therefore the temptation is to try and tough it out when it comes to most emergencies as per discussions on the same over at This is particularly the case of non-traumatic knee pain, which, due to the fact that it may not be caused by a specific event, most people are likely to take it lightly. However, an important tip is to never take such cases lightly and non-traumatic knee pain may just be as serious as traumatic knee pain.

Know the signs that indicate you need medical attention

As per the gurus over at, it is also important that you know the signs of a knee pain emergency to avoid any unwanted consequences. For instance, if you have been having persistent knee pain, even after home remedies, for days, you should definitely seek medical attention. Limited or no movement on the knee, signs of infection or aloud popping sound during the event leading up to the injury among others are other signs of a knee pain emergency and should also have you call your doctor as soon as possible.

Call your doctor or 911 rather than showing up at the ER

If you feel like your knee pain emergency needs immediate attention, then rather than taking yourself to the ER or hospital, you should call your doctor or ER to be advised on how you should proceed, as per discussions on the same over at This is to ensure that interactions are limited between you and other parties, protecting you from the coronavirus.

Disclose your coronavirus status

If you are experiencing a knee pain emergency, then another important tip is to ensure you tell your doctor if you have tested positive for COVID-19 as well when you call them due to your emergency. As per the folks over at, this is important as not only does it help them give you the correct advise on how to proceed, it also keeps any medical personnel who handle you safe in case you are referred to a medical facility as they will be able to take precautions when attending to you.

The ER or hospital is safe

If your knee pain emergency is due to severe trauma, and could have suffered serious damage and injuries to your knee and as such require emergency care, don’t put off calling 911 due to the fear you could suffer an in-hospital coronavirus infection. As a tip by the gurus over at, it is important to know that hospitals and ERs have measures in place to protect their patients from the virus and therefore you can be sure that you will be safe when going over there for treatment.

Only start with at-home remedies after getting the nod from your doctor

While you could handle most knee pain emergencies at home with the help of the R.I.C.E method, as a tip by the gurus over at, you should seek medical advice first by calling your personal doctor before proceeding with the same to make sure it is safe to do so. This is because, you may be treating an injury that may require surgery, like say in case of ruptured ligament, which could lead to a very bad outcome.

Take advantage of telemedicine for physical therapy

As per discussions on the same over at, physical therapy is important when it comes to dealing with knee pain emergencies. The good news therefore is, even as physical therapists close their offices, most of them are still attending to their patients through telemedicine. As a tip, you should make use of this facility when dealing with a knee pain emergency as it will not only help you heal, it will also help strengthen your knee making it more resistant to injuries.

Don’t make assumptions about the cause of the knee pain

Just because you are above the age of 50 doesn’t mean that your knee pain emergency is as a result of arthritis and just because your pain came as a result of traumatic injury doesn’t mean that your knee pain indicates a ruptured ACL. Even as we grapple with the coronavirus crisis, you shouldn’t play doctor with your knee pain emergency as making assumptions will only lead to you making wrong choices as far as treatment is concerned, which could be costly.

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