Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Migraines Emergencies

Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Migraines Emergencies

While the focus is fully on the coronavirus pandemic, and rightly so, other serious conditions which people suffer from won’t take a break just because of this, including migraines, which are covered in more detail over at This article should be of great help for those who suffer from migraines by highlighting 10 tops for migraine emergencies.

Discuss a rescue care plan with your doctor

One of the important tips for migraine emergencies during the current coronavirus crisis is to ensure that you discuss a rescue care plan with your doctor, as is discussed in more detail over at, so that you know how to proceed in case of a migraine emergency. Having a rescue care plan will enable you to avoid having to head over to the ER or urgent care, which will limit your exposure to the coronavirus, while also allowing the already stretched medical practitioners to focus on COVID-19 patients.


Another tip is to ask your doctor if they are offering telemedicine services, and if not, you may ask them to refer you to a colleague who is. Telemedicine will mean that your doctor will be able to attend to you virtually in case of a migraine emergency, and only bring you in or recommend an ER only if they feel you need emergency medical attention. Telemedicine is a safe alternative to having to visit the hospital or ER and will enable you get treatment while protecting you from COVID-19.

Don’t assume it’s a Migraine emergency

As per discussions on the same over at, some of the people suffering from the coronavirus have been exhibiting headaches as a symptom. Therefore, even if you suffer from migraines, your headache may actually be a sign of another condition including COVID-19. Therefore, keep an eye out for other symptoms in case you start getting a headache such as a cough, difficulties breathing, a fever among others, which if there, call your doctor or 911 as soon as possible.

Stock up on your migraine medication

Another coronavirus tip for migraine emergencies, one that the subject mater experts over at agree on, is to ensure that you have an adequate supply of your migraine medication to avoid a situation where you are having an acute migraine attack and you have run out of your medication. Stocking up on your medication will remove the need to have to go to the pharmacy which in turn will keep you safe from the virus.

Utilize social distancing when collecting your medication

If you have suffered an acute migraine attack and after medication, they prescribe certain medication to help you with future episodes, another tip by the gurus over at is to practice social distancing even when collecting your medication. This means having your medication mailed over or delivered to your home, or heading over to a pharmacy which is offering drive-through services to protect yourself against the coronavirus.

Reduce your stress levels

To reduce the chances of suffering a migraine emergency, you should reduce your stress levels. As per discussions on the same over at, stress is a trigger for as much as 70% of people with migraine. Therefore, with coronavirus crisis, try to manage your stress levels reducing the amount of coronavirus-related information you are consuming and by not isolating yourself from your loved ones even as you social-distance. Be in constant communication with friends and family, through social media, texts, phone calls and video calls, and this will help you keep your stress levels in check.

Cut back on alcohol

As also discussed in detail over at, the temptation to drink more is higher now that people are at home due to the coronavirus crisis. If you suffer from migraines, then as a tip to help you avoid migraine emergencies, you should ensure that you cut back or avoid alcohol altogether. The key to dealing with a migraine emergency during the current coronavirus crisis when medical practitioners are stretched is avoiding it altogether, which is what reducing your alcohol intake will do.

Be aware of the serious symptoms

While you will want to avoid going to an ER or hospital, there are certain symptoms as far as migraine emergencies go where you need emergency care. As per discussions on the same over at, these include a headache that is extremely severe and is the worst ever, stiffness of the neck, pain or weakness in the joints, slurred speech among others. If you notice any of these symptoms, you should call 911 as soon as possible for medical attention.

Call 911 or your doctor first

An important tip, not only for people suffering migraine emergencies but also people suffering other serious conditions, is to call 911 or their doctor first so that they can be advised how to proceed or to have an ambulance dispatched to their location. As per the gurus over at, this is so that you are not exposed to COVID-19, which will be a real possibility if you took yourself to the hospital or ER.

Improve your quality of sleep

Another tip which should also help you avoid migraine emergencies during the current coronavirus crisis is improving the quality of your sleep, particularly now that you may be at home. Ensure that you get at least 8 hours of sleep every night and that you maintain a regular sleeping pattern. Also try to avoid screens such as the TV or smartphone when you are about to go to bed.

It is our hope that this article will be of great help to you, with there being more where that came from over at the highly reliable


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