What is a Freestanding Emergency Room? 

What is a Freestanding Emergency Room? 

Freestanding emergency rooms or departments are just like the hospital-based emergency rooms in the sense that they provide similar high-quality care to patients who need emergency care. They also use high-quality technology and are open 24 hours a week 365 days just like hospital-based ERs. A freestanding emergency room will also provide medical screening services to all patients regardless of their financial status. The Freestanding emergency rooms (Freestanding ERs) just like hospital-based ERs provide similar benefits to patients in terms of technology, doctors, facilities, and quality of care.

However, the difference between freestanding emergency rooms and hospital-based emergency rooms is that the former is not physically attached to a hospital like the latter facility.

Although some might be owned by a hospital, they might not be at the hospital premises and might be found at other locations. Physicians or other business interests own the independent freestanding emergency centers. Most of the independent Freestanding ERs will obtain similar accreditation like hospital-based ERs so that they meet the required standard.

The difference between Freestanding ERs and hospital-based ERs provides some crucial benefits to patients including:

Advantages Of Freestanding Emergency Rooms

  • High-quality of care

An emergency room that is attached to a hospital might not give immediate care to patients compared to a Freestanding ER. This is because the hospital-based ERs are usually very populated which can result in delayed care to patients especially if the staff working in the ER are overwhelmed.

Additionally, hospital emergency rooms are often located in one specific area of a city or town. If you live far from such areas getting to the ER can be difficult which can prevent the patient from getting the care he or she might need.

Freestanding ER, on the other hand, are often in locations near you. They might also be more than one situated in different areas of the city. They are also mainly located near shopping centers, which makes it easier for you to access them. Additionally, the population of patients in Freestanding ERs is lower and thus the staff will give speedier care.

  • Little or no waiting times

We all know one can spend an entire day in a hospital-based ER. Research shows that the average waiting time in hospitals can be two to six hours. This can be agonizing especially if you have a patient who needs immediate care. At Freestanding ERs the service is faster as the waiting time is almost zero while the quality of care is still top notch.

  • Germ-free zone

The long waiting lines and the crowding common in hospital-based ERs means that you are likely to encounter patients with contagious conditions. You might catch such a condition or leave the facility worse than you came in.

At Freestanding ERs you do not have to wait in line with dozens of patients. This reduces your risk of suffering from contagious illnesses or coming into contact with germs. The waiting rooms in Freestanding ERs are clean and comfortable and others even have private rooms that are even more comfortable.

  • Convenience

Anyone can suffer from an emergency and often such situations occur without warning. Hospital-based ERs might be located far from where you live. Additionally, urgent care centers often have a set schedule and do not offer after clinic hours services. You might be left with very few options in such a scenario.

Freestanding ERs offer convenience, as they are located in convenient locations in your neighborhood. They are also open 24 hours a day 365 days a year even on holidays. Thus, this convenience allows patients to access high-quality emergency care quicker.

  • Independent of hospital politics

As a patient, you might not be aware that some of the hospital-based ERs are subject to a lot of interference and politics from other hospital departments. This often does affect the quality of care provided as the success of such ERs depend on the hospital or other departments that are part of the hospital. For instance, if other departments have some negligent or slow staff this can affect the care given by hospital-based ERs.

Freestanding ERs are operated independently and there is minimal meddling from others. The nurses and doctors in such facilities concentrate fully on their jobs, which improves the quality of care provided.

Why Frontline ER

One such example of a freestanding emergency room is Frontline ER. We are located in Richmond and Dallas Texas and we offer the best quality of care just like your hospital-based ER. However, we have zero waiting time and our board-certified physicians have more than 10 years of experience providing emergency care.

Our employees are always on hand to serve the patients streaming in. we offer the best care in a friendly and caring manner. We also understand that emergency care can be costly that’s why we offer our services at a fair cost, we accept commercial insurances and also provide special self-pricing arrangements.

In case you or a loved one is in need of emergency care, do not hesitate to visit Frontline ER. We are always available 24 hours a day and 365 days a year to provide you with the best care suitable for your needs.


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