How to Find Emergency Room near Me Reviews 

How to Find Emergency Room near Me Reviews 

Finding the best ER when you need emergency care can be difficult. This is why it is best to do your homework early if you live in areas with more than one ER. A good ER will have some characteristics including physicians that are board certified, nurses who are certified, immediate access to facilities, private rooms that can protect your privacy and friendly and caring staff.

If you live in Texas and you are looking for the best emergency room services then you are in luck. This guide gives you the best five ERs in Dallas Texas in terms of services, waiting times, and quality of care.

Frontline ER

Frontline ER has locations in both Richmond and Dallas. The facility has board-certified emergency physicians and emergency trained registered nurses. The best thing about this ER is that you do not have to wait. Their locations are also near you to ensure you get to the ER on time

The doctors who are board-certified by the American board of emergency medicine are very thorough with their work. They are qualified to treat infants, children, and even adults. If any member of your family needs quality emergency care, then Frontline ER is the best.

If you require lab services, you will find that all the labs are fully equipped. Every department uses the latest technology to ensure your treatment is prompt and efficient

Another great feature of this facility is that they accept commercial insurance and they do offer a self-pricing plan. This ensures that you get the best care at an affordable cost

You will have ample interaction with the nurses and the doctors who will give you time to ask questions and air out any concerns you might have. The doctors even make up a follow-up call to make sure your condition is improving.

The rooms are very comfortable and private. The facility uses doors instead of curtains, which is essential when you are wary of prying eyes.

If you ever visit Frontline ER, you will enjoy being in the emergency room and you can be sure you or your loved one will be in safe hands.

Advance ER

A group of doctors that sought to provide the best emergency care in Dallas founded advance ER. The staff here is very friendly and caring. The service is fast and efficient and the facility will accept some of the commercial insurance.

In less than five minutes, the staff will take care of you and you do not have to wait a whole day to be treated. Another good thing about this facility is that you get to enjoy some savory and sweet snacks to help you relax or even as you wait for a lab test or another procedure.

You will enjoy one to one time with the emergency doctors here and the relaxing and quiet atmosphere will ensure you recover quickly. We only wish the facility would accept many more insurance covers.

Uptown Emergency Room

The experience at Uptown emergency room will convince you to give this place a good review. The staff is thorough and extremely professional. They also offer quick and efficient care.

You do not have to wait. If you do, maybe for a few minutes and the waiting room is both soothing and beautiful. If you are extremely sick and you do not wish to hear noises or want to dim the lights, the facility will allow you to do so and the quiet atmosphere will allow you to enjoy a quiet time at Uptown ER. With this facility, you will no longer have to endure unpleasant experience in the ER and you even get a thank you note afterward.

Preston Hollow Emergency Center

The facility is very clean. The staff here are courteous and professional. You will be comfortable once you walk in as there is minimal waiting time and the staff here will make you feel right at home. The refreshments offered at the facility is also a great feature that gets to calm you down. 

The good doctors will answer all your questions in a professional and knowledgeable manner. Additionally, the facility has ample parking in case you need to stay for the night. However, most patients complained about the expensive bills they were charged. Other than this complaint, we think this is a great facility to visit in case of an emergency.

Texas Health Emergency Room

As much as you hate going to the doctor you will enjoy your visit to Texas health emergency rom. The friendly staff from the receptionist to the experienced doctors will make you feel at ease once you walk into this facility.

They will also accept some of the commercial insurance. There is little to no waiting time so do not worry about waiting forever to be seen by a doctor. The location is convenient and there is ample parking. Additionally, the facility is very clean and well maintained. However, this facility prices are a bit on the higher side so we would recommend you visit them only when you have an actual emergency. If you have a health insurance cover that the facility will accept the better since you do not have to pay everything from your pocket.


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