25 reasons to visit an ER for vomiting

25 reasons to visit an ER for vomiting 

Vomiting may sometimes be dismissed as an accompanying symptom for varied diseases but this is a wrong theory to carry since vomiting in itself presents a great risk to the health of any individual. Much has been documented about vomiting and frontlineer.com comes in to provide a clear guideline on when to seek emergency medical assistance for the same. 

Check for dehydration 

In most cases, vomiting leads to a loss of fluids in the body and thus, it becomes important to visit an ER to check for dehydration especially if other conditions come into play including blurred vision and confusion. 

Recent abdomen surgery 

If you have had recent abdominal surgery, vomiting should be a definite worry that takes you into the doors of an ER. 

Check for pancreatitis 

At an ER, you will get tested for pancreatitis and possibly rule it out as the causa factor for the bout of vomiting being experienced. 

If accompanied by other symptoms 

Fever, Diarrhea and headaches are the most common symptoms that accompany vomiting and if you experience them; it is high time you visit an ER.  

Perform diagnosis 

An ER is the best place to be to perform a diagnosis if you are vomiting since all possible scenarios will be covered to give you a definite answer. 

Check for food poisoning 

As captured by frontlineer.com, visiting an ER for vomiting will enable you get checked for food poisoning and get treated for the same promptly.  

Get intravenous fluids

Vomiting gets much of the fluid out of your body system and it is only through visiting an ER that you will be given the IV fluids to replenish the fluid capacity in the body. 

Test for bowel obstruction 

One of the most notable causes of vomiting is bowel obstruction and only the professionals in the ER will test for the same and give you a guideline on its treatment. 

Test for infection of gall bladder 

Visiting an ER will allow you to test for gall bladder infection which is one of the little known causes of vomiting. 

Chronic abdominal pain 

If you are experiencing chronic abdominal pain accompanied by lethargy, these are red flags that collectively form a reason to visit an ER.  

Recent endoscopy 

If you have recently had endoscopy done and are vomiting uncontrollably, an ER should be your next stop to check for any complications or anomalies. 

Vomiting blood 

If your vomit has traces of blood, you shouldn’t waste any time in locating the nearest ER to get a clear diagnosis from the emergency service providers. 

Recent head injury

If the onset of vomiting can be traced to a time period in which there has been a recent head injury, visiting an ER should be a mandatory step since it may mean your health is at risk. 

Frequent repetitive vomiting 

If you can’t keep anything down and experience frequent repetitive vomiting, it should be your cue to find the nearest ER and get a full diagnosis. 

Onset of dizziness and loss of consciousness 

It is time to visit frontlineer.com if you have been vomiting and you start experiencing dizziness and a loss of consciousness since it signals to a greater risk of health complication.  

Test for viral illnesses 

The point of visiting an ER for vomiting is so that you get tested for viral illnesses that may be affecting your body system. 

Check for bacterial causes 

Vomiting may be caused by a varied set of health complications but visiting an ER will definitely enable the medical experts to check for bacterial causes that may be affecting the body. 

History of diabetes 

If you have a history of diabetes and you start vomiting uncontrollably, that is enough reason to visit an ER since the body may be needing insulin urgently.  

Diagnose appendicitis 

Vomiting may be brought about by plenty of complications and it is important to rule out appendicitis as it is potentially a fatal condition if not captured and treated. 

Measure toxin levels in the body 

Visiting an ER will enable the doctors measure the toxin levels in the body and thus explain the reason for vomiting.  

Exposure to harmful chemical substances

If you have been exposed to harmful chemical substances and are vomiting as a result, visiting an ER should be top of your priority list as it is what can actually save your life.  

When taking a range of antibiotics 

The body systems of different individuals respond differently to antibiotics and if vomiting starts after intake of antibiotics, it is a reason to visit a nearby ER. 

Test for kidney infections 

It is a little known fact that kidney infections can actually cause vomiting and potentially affect the working of the body system and only an ER will point this out definitively. 

If exposed to radioactive substances 

As explained at frontlineer.com, the human body is affected by radioactive elements and most people respond by vomiting and this underlines the reason to visit an ER. 

Unexplained weight loss and constant nausea  

If experiencing unexplained weight loss and constant nausea with vomiting episodes, it is time to visit an ER and get a proper diagnosis. 


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