10 Reasons to Use an Emergency Room for Surgery

10 Reasons to Use an Emergency Room for Surgery

There are a number of health conditions that may require surgery, from severe injuries to other serious conditions such as appendicitis that may be potentially life-threatening and as such require surgery as soon as possible. Whenever you are suffering from severe medical conditions, be it from injuries such as complex fractures or other serious medical conditions, you should always go to an emergency room. In an emergency room, not only will you find emergency medical specialists, you will also find trauma surgeons that are able to perform surgery for the severe situations that call for it. This, as we all know, is not a provision that can be found at an urgent care clinic which is why such cases are always treated at an emergency room. There are a number of reasons you should consider using and emergency room for surgery and this article will look to highlight 10 of them.

  1. One of the reasons to use an emergency room for surgery is due to the fact that the staff over the have the expertise to take the initial intake assessment tests that are required. These include taking of vital signs, performing physical exams, taking a history of the patient which involves getting to know any allergies among other things as well as stabilizing the patient if possible or necessary. These initial tests are important as they help lay the ground work for the surgery hence helping sidestep any problems and complications that may be lying in wait.
  2. Emergency rooms also have all the requisite facilities to enable the carrying out all the necessary diagnostic tests before surgery. The diagnostic tests that may be required include x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, electrocardiograms to assess the heart, electroencephalograms to assess the brain; with all the equipment required to carry out these tests being found at emergency rooms, as is the case for frontlineer.com. A high-tech lab for lab work is also included here.
  3. Another reason to use an emergency room for surgery is due to the fact that they have access to anesthesiologists who help in administering anesthesia before surgery. Administering of anesthesia is complicated and requires specialists otherwise issues could arise, some of them being life-threatening. With anesthesiologists in place, it helps avoid any bad consequences from ensuing and as such help in making the whole surgical procedure a smooth one.
  4. Emergency rooms also have highly qualified trauma surgeons, as is the case over at the highly rated frontlineer.com, making this yet another reason to use them for surgery. The trauma surgeons over at emergency rooms are highly qualified and also have the requisite experience to ensure that you are in the safest hands around. They also leverage the latest techniques and modern technologies which is yet another reason you should use them for surgery.
  5. Yet another reason to use an emergency room for surgery is because emergency rooms have got the expertise and capabilities to perform many different types of surgeries. From surgeries that help treat acute abdominal emergencies such as appendicitis, intestinal obstruction, pelvic infections, complications due to peptic ulcers among others to surgeries that deal with the respiratory system such as those to remove foreign bodies and many others, an emergency room will have you covered.
  6. The fact that emergency rooms have got the staff and facilities to help with post-surgery recovery is yet another reason to use them for surgery. In an emergency room you will find a post-anesthesia care unit that helps with the recovery from anesthesia, as is discussed in detail over at the reliable frontlineer.com. If you need to remain on the ventilator after surgery as you aren’t strong enough to breathe on your own, then the staff in the emergency room will have you covered.
  7. For patients that are still critical after the surgery or those that need additional surgeries or medical procedures and can’t be discharged or referred to a local hospital, then emergency rooms have facilities to admit them, which is yet another reason to use them for surgery. If you need to be monitored carefully after surgery, then an emergency room has the facilities to admit you and keep you under close observation until you are stable enough.
  8. Yet another reason to use an emergency room for surgery is due to the fact that they have qualified staff to help with rehabilitation after, as is the case over at frontlineer.com. They usually give you a schedule on how you can begin getting to your feet, beginning with walking to the bathroom and then gradually covering longer distances. They will also provide mobility aids to help with walking after surgery.
  9. Emergency rooms are also in operation for 24/7 which means that no matter the time you go there; you will be attended to; another reason to use them for surgery.
  10. Another reason to use them for surgery is because the staff there usually provide incision care after surgery while you are still admitted there. When you are about to be discharged, they will teach you how you can take care of the wound while at home to avoid infection.

The above are 10 reasons to use an emergency room for surgery, always keeping in mind that frontlineer.com is one of the best places to go to for such services.


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