10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for difficulty breathing

There are very many causes of breathing complications. From allergies, asthma, sinusitis to bronchitis, difficulties breathing affect millions of Americans. Here at Frontline Emergency Room, we receive patients complaining of breathing difficulties on a daily basis and we thought it wise to address the problem in a blog post.

Should one go to the emergency room when experiencing difficulties breathing? Should you seek OTC medication when experiencing difficulties breathing or the guidance of an emergency room physician? Well, we talked to one of our own physicians on the importance of reporting breathing difficulties to the emergency room and here is what he had to say;

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for difficulty breathing

Difficulties breathing can lead to death

Yes, that’s how serious it is. The shortness of breath you are experiencing, can easily lead to death if you are not careful. People die from blocked airways and asphyxiation. You should therefore report any episodes of shortness of breath to the nearest emergency room and get appropriate medication.

Difficulties breathing can lead to organ damage

If it goes on for a long time, breathing difficulties can lead to organ damage. Our bodies need a constant supply of air to function. Vital organs such as the heart, brain and lungs are in constant need of fresh air and if the air is not supplied from breathing properly, the organs can easily be damaged.

You risk suffering from panic attacks

If not addressed on time, difficulty breathing will result in confusion and then panic attacks will set in. Without proper supply of air, vital organs of the body don’t function and this will increase the anxiety in the body. Panic attacks are very frantic.

Difficulties breathing are indicative of serious underlying medical conditions

Difficulty breathing is more often than not, an indicator that there is something amiss somewhere. The underlying condition could be asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis or some other respiratory tract infection. You should therefore report difficulty breathing to the nearest emergency room and get proper diagnosis and treatment.

There is no OTC treatment for difficulties breathing

There is no home remedy or OTC medication that you can use to regain your breathing. The only thing that you can use is perhaps an inhaler and not everyone can use it. The surest way therefore is to visit the nearest emergency and get proper diagnosis and treatment for your specific condition.

Difficulty breathing will make you unproductive

You really can only do so much if you are not able to breathe freely. You will be gasping for air and can’t concentrate on whatever you want to do. Trying to see out this condition will therefore waste a lot of your time and put you in more risks.

Report the difficulties breathing on time and save lots of time and money

The sooner you report difficulties breathing, the better. You will be saving yourself a lot of time, effort and money. If you sit on your problem, you will be risking suffering from serious complications which require more funds to treat and will take up more of your time.

Emergency rooms are at every corner

Why should you struggle with such a life limiting condition when you can get help just down the street? All you need to do is to give your emergency room a call or drive down to get your medical condition assessed and the right medication offered.

Emergency care is just as good, if not better than care in traditional hospitals

Contrary to popular opinion, emergency room care is not any worse than the care you get at your doctor’s office. If anything, emergency care is miles better because of the 24hrs convenience that it affords you. You don’t have to wait until your doctor opens in the morning, you can visit an emergency room at any point of the day.

Emergency rooms are not as expensive as they have made you believe

Contrary to popular opinion, emergency room care is not expensive. The cost of services offered here is competitive and affordable for most people. It is also important to note that emergency rooms accept most medical insurances on offer.

We at Frontline Emergency Room, care about you our client. We therefore offer high quality medical care to our clients at very affordable rates. We also are very flexible when it comes to payment methods accepted.

Give Frontline Emergency Room a call today

Want the best medical care in Richmond Texas at very affordable rates? Well, look no further than our way here at Frontline Emergency Room. We offer the best, no wait emergency care services at competitive rates and are looking forward to treating your breathing difficulties. Give us call today and our able team will be always on hand to help you regain your health.


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