10 reasons to go to the emergency room for Cuts, Scrapes and Minor Wounds

Should small cuts and scrapes send you to the emergency room? Should you toughen up against minor wounds sustained at home and in the workplace? When should you report a small injury to the emergency room?

We are all prone to small cuts, scrapes and minor wounds. Be it at home, at the workplace or even in our cars, chances of getting a scratch or small cut are very high. The question is, should you call 911 once you have sustained a small cut or should you administer first aid and see out the injury?

Here at Frontline emergency room, we always advocate for reporting any injury to the emergency room, however minor or small it might be. Even the most minor of injuries, expose you to infections and the best thing to do therefore, is to report any cut or injury as soon as you sustain it. Here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for cuts, scrapes and minor wounds;

10 reasons to go to the emergency room for Cuts, Scrapes and Minor Wounds

Eliminate the possibility of getting infections

Exposed wounds and cuts are the best entry points for bacteria and other disease causing organisms. However small a cut might be, it’s all bacteria need to infiltrate your body and cause infections. It is therefore imperative to go to the emergency room and get the wound treated properly.

Get the injury dressed properly

The other reason why it is important to visit an emergency room for small scrapes and cuts, is so that the wound can be properly dressed. The physician will first of all disinfect the wound and then properly dress it to eliminate chances of infections.

You will get antibiotics

If you visit an emergency room because of a small scrape or wound, you will always get a dosage of antibiotics. These are precautionary and will help your body fight off any impending infection resulting from the wound. Trying to see out the wound will only increase the chances of getting infections.

Visit an emergency room if your wound bleeds excessively

Some small wounds in vital areas such as arms, legs or places with vital blood vessels result in excessive bleeding. Such wounds, however small, should prompt you to visit an emergency room and get the medical care that you need. The physician will not only control the bleeding, he/she will advise on the need for supplementary foods to replace the lost blood.

Some incisions or cuts might be deep

Some incisions and cuts might look like small wounds when they in truth are very deep and might have affected an internal organ. Cuts especially in the thoracic region, should prompt you to visit the emergency room and get proper medical examination and necessary treatment.

Punctures are the biggest causes of bacterial infections

Punctures are wounds resulting from sharp objects such as nails or needles and they don’t cause as much bleeding and the wound closes out on its own. Such punctures might fool you to think that you are not in any danger when in truth you are in serious danger.

Objects such as needles, nails and other contaminated sharp objects, are laden with bacteria and will cause infections. If you don’t report the same to the emergency room, you risk suffering from something more serious.

A small wound can escalate quickly

It might start out as a small wound but once infections set in, the wound will worsen and become a deep wound full of pus. Prevention is always better than cure. Report the small wound as soon as you can and minimize the chances of the problem escalating.

Save time and money

Reporting a small cut as soon as possible can save you a lot of money and time. If your wound becomes infected, you might end up spending more than fourfold what you what you would have originally spent to treat the small cut. Be wise- report the small cut as soon as possible.

No wait care in emergency care

It will only take a few minutes to get your small cut examined and treated in our emergency room here at Frontline Emergency room. The days of queuing just to get attention from a medical practitioner are behind us and we will treat and discharge you in less than an hour.

If we deem your injury to be serious, we will award you priority and treat you as soon as you walk through our doors. Do not hesitate to report your small cuts to us and we will save you a lot of trouble and money

Give Frontline Emergency Room a call today

Want the best medical care in Richmond Texas at very affordable rates? Well, look no further than our way here at Frontline Emergency Room. We offer the best, no wait emergency care services at competitive rates and are looking forward to treating your small cuts and wounds. Give us call today.


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