10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for earaches

Causes of earaches vary from throat infections, ear canal injury to ear infections. Earaches are very common especially in young children and when they strike, they can be a handful. They not only are very painful, they momentarily render you deaf. 

It is therefore important to ensure that you get the necessary medical help to quell the earache and get back to your normal. Here at Frontline emergency services, we receive thousands of patients suffering from earache every month and each case of earache is caused by something different. Without our intervention, diagnosis and treatment, most of our patients would still be suffering in silence without knowing the cause of their pain. 

If you are suffering from any form of earache, here are 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for earaches. These are reasons that highlight the danger of trying to see out the pain resulting from earaches and why the emergency room is the best place to report the earache. Here are the 10 reasons to go to the emergency room for earaches; 

10 Reasons to go to the emergency room for earaches

Earaches could be an indication of an inner ear infection 

One of the most common causes of earaches is an infection to the middle ear. This infection could be as a result of a virus or a bacteria and it affects the eardrum. Such pain is almost unbearable and the best way to treat it is by getting medication from the nearest emergency room. 

Earaches are an indication of an infection to the throat 

Sometimes, you ear aches because you have a strep throat or an infection in the throat area. The ear, nose and throat are connected and an infection in the airways can affect one of the organs. Infections to the throat which affect the ear are normally viral infections. 

If you are suffering from a severe earache and can’t explain its source, it is wise to go to the emergency room and get diagnosed-you could have a viral infection. 

Earaches indicate a swimmer’s ear 

Swimmer’s ear is an infection to the thin epithelial skin that lines the ear canal. If this area is irritated or infected, the ear becomes very itchy and painful. If you don’t get urgent medical care from an emergency room, you risk losing your eardrum to the infection. 

You can go deaf if you don’t get the pain checked 

Yes, people have gone deaf because of omitting clear indications such as earaches. If the earache was due to an infection to a vital part of the ear, you risk giving the infection leeway to spread further and destroy vital parts if you don’t get urgent medical care. 

The pain will come in the way of your daily activities 

If you have ever suffered from an earache, you will know that you can only do so much with such searing pain in your ear. This is not ideal especially for students and professionals. The pain will become a hindrance and the best thing to do, is to get the same addressed as soon as possible. 

Pain in a child could be an indication of a foreign object 

Foreign, sharp objects forced past the middle part of the ear, can cause a lot of pain. If you touch the eardrum or any other sensitive part of the ear with a foreign object, your ear will ache for some time. If your child is complaining of an earache, it is wise therefore to report the same to an emergency room and get the ear checked out. 

OTC medication and painkillers can only do so much 

Yes, although they will help quell the pain, OTC medication can only do so much in dealing with ear pain. Painkillers will only relieve the pain momentarily but will never quite address the infection or problem. 

The best way to address the problem, is to go to the nearest emergency room, get the ear examined by a physician and get proper prescription for the infection. 

Help is a stone throw away 

Why suffer with pain when help is just a stone throw away? Emergency rooms are literally around every corner and all it takes is a call or a visit and your problems will be over in minutes. Don’t let the pain become a bother in your life, visit an emergency room as soon as possible. 

Frontline Emergency Room is open 24hrs and waiting to treat your earache 

Looking for the best emergency room to address your painful ear? Look no further than our way here at Frontline emergency room. Frontline Emergency Room is a no wait emergency room operating 24hrs all year round and offering services at very affordable rates. 


Give us a call or visit our room in Richmond and Dallas Texas today to get immediate care for your earache. Choose Frontline Emergency Room for the best emergency care in the area and bid that nagging earache goodbye and get back to your work as soon as possible.


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