Why Protein is Important for a Healthy Body

Why Protein is Important for a Healthy Body

There used to be a time when health wasn’t taken that seriously. Folks focused more on other aspects as their life, with very people out there shining the light on the importance of having a healthy body. However, this is something that has drastically changed over the last couple of years with healthy bodies being at the forefront of pretty much everybody’s minds. We have seen the emergence of health and diet experts and coaches, all of whom are looking to help people get on top of their health and achieve healthy bodies. In a nutshell, having a healthy body is all the rave now. This, as is discussed on frontlineer.com, has seen an increase in popularity of diets that are high in protein while being low on carbohydrate, but why is this is the case? Why is protein important when it comes to body health? Well, protein plays a major role in our bodies and as such it is crucial to the health of our body and this article will look to highlight just why that is case.

The first thing we are going to highlight when exploring the importance of protein for a healthy body are its uses in the body. First of all, as is covered exhaustively on frontlineer.com, proteins are a key building block when it comes to muscles, bones, skin and cartilage. Throw in the fact that nails and hair are predominantly made up of protein, then its importance begins gaining clarity. A healthy digestion cycle is the hallmark of a healthy body, and with proteins playing a key role in digestion, then it is easy to begin to appreciate its importance. This is because a large percentage of protein one consumes goes into the manufacture of enzymes that are crucial in the digestion of food. Proteins also play a key role the making of new cells as well as body chemicals. Given that hemoglobin, the compound that carries oxygen throughout the body, is a protein, then it is clear it plays an important role in the oxygenation of blood, further highlighting its importance to a healthy body. Add to this the fact the body uses protein to repair and build tissue, then it is clear to see just why protein is important for a healthy body.

The reason why eating of high-protein food is recommended is because proteins have a lot of fitness benefits, that contribute to one having a healthy body. One of these benefits is down to the fact, as is explained by the experts over at frontlineer.com, protein helps in the speeding of recovery after exercise as well as after injury. Muscle, and especially lean muscle, is a major part of a healthy body, and protein plays a major role in not only helping in the building of lean muscle, but also the reduction of muscle loss. Muscle loss is a phenomenon that is closely associated with aging, with most aging adults having experienced this. Eating a protein-rich diet is thus crucial if one is to prevent muscle loss. Given that protein play a major role in controlling weight loss goes some way in highlighting its importance for a healthy body. This is because protein slows down digestion, making one feel full for much longer. As such, it prevents one from going back for second helpings, which is a quite ingenious way for warding off weight gain.

It is also very much worth mentioning the importance of protein as a brain food is yet another reason why it is so important for a healthy body. While the brain and neurons are for the most part made up of fat, the hormones and enzymes, that play an important role in its communication given they cause chemical changes as well as controlling all body processes, are all made up of proteins. A protein-rich diet therefore comes with the benefits of helping and enhancing brain growth, brain function while also improving one’s concentration levels. The importance of protein in improving and maintaining optimal cognitive function, is yet another reason why it is so important for a healthy body. Studies have also shown, with more on this to be found on frontlineer.com, that proteins play a major role in reducing blood pressure, with optimal blood pressure an obvious hallmark of a healthy body. This helps in the reduction of the chances that one gets a cardiovascular disease. People living with diabetes have also found that a high-protein diet helps in trying to control their diabetes. This is because protein-rich foods digest slowly, as has been mentioned above, and as such take a while to reach the bloodstream which in turn causes insulin to release gradually, which therefore helps the body to maintain healthy levels of glucose.

From the foregoing discussion, the importance of protein in achieving and maintain a healthy body cannot be stressed highly enough. Finding the right proteins for you is therefore crucial. With this in mind, there is more on this and other topics to be found on frontlineer.com so make sure you check them out.


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