When to visit the emergency room for headaches

Whether mild or seriously throbbing, we have all suffered from a headache. They are unwelcome guests every now and again but thing is, they not ceasing to hit us any time soon. What causes these headaches? When should you ride out the pain? When should you go to the emergency room for headaches?

Causes of headaches

There are two types of headaches; primary headaches and secondary headaches. Primary headaches are pains in the head caused by either over-activity of structures within the head, infections to the said structure or massive blows which stimulate the pain sensitive nerves in the head. The structures in question include nerves, muscles and blood vessels in the head and neck.

Here at Frontline ER, we understand that it can be difficult to ascertain when a headache needs immediate medical attention and when to ride the pain out and are therefore providing you with tips on when to go the emergency room for headaches. Here are the medical tips as provided by our physicians

Tips on when to visit the emergency room for headaches


If your headache is accompanied by headaches and a feeling of nausea, you should definitely report the same to the nearest emergency room. Nausea and vomiting is caused by the closing of the pyloric sphincter to low digestion. The stomach dilates and any leftovers stay in the stomach and they cause the severe nausea and vomiting when we have headaches.

Blurred vision or unresolved loss of vision

The other symptom that points towards a serious headache that needs medical attention, is blurred vision and momentary loss of vision. These are symptoms that point towards ocular migraine which can cause blindness if they are not attended to by an expert. Such headaches are caused by sensitivity to flashing light, and bind spots in your field of view.

Confusion and dizziness

Headaches accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of dizziness and confusion, should be a warning sign as well. If you feel a tad bit disoriented and are somewhat confused when suffering from headaches, then that is indicative of a serious injury which needs attention from medical experts. Sometimes after an impact to the head, you are left in a trance for some few minutes and feel confused with little knowledge of what is going on around you.

Headaches accompanied by paralysis, weakness and loss of balance

The other red light when it comes to headaches, is the loss of balance, weakness and even paralysis in extreme cases. As earlier on mentioned, headaches might be as a result of an infection to the nerves or some other important organ in the head or neck and one indication of such a disorder to the above mentioned organs, is the feeling of weakness, loss of balance and even paralysis in extreme cases.

Let Frontline ER ease your pain

Are you located in Dallas or Richmond TX and are suffering from throbbing, unexplained headaches? Well, the next time you have an episode of an unexplained headache, head over to any of our emergency rooms either in Dallas or in Richmond and get the best possible treatment and medical advice.


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