When to go to the emergency room for youth sports

The earlier an injury is reported to an emergency room, the sooner the problem gets addressed and the lower the chances of further aggravating the injury resulting in more problems. Here at Frontline Emergency Room, we always advise our clients to report even the slightest of nagging sports injuries on time because we know that the small nagging muscle injury can mean the difference between a successful career in sports and life using a wheelchair.

So, what are some of the tips on when to go to the emergency room for youth sports? When should you report youth sports injuries to the nearest emergency room?

Tips on when to go to the emergency room for youth sports

Concussions and head injuries should be reported immediately

One of the most common injury and one which has elicited a lot of controversy, is head injuries and concussions in particular. Concussions are a traumatic injuries to the brain which affect the brain function and affect one’s concentration, memory, balance and coordination.

Report any muscle injuries as soon as they are incurred

Muscle injuries are relatively common in youth sports. As the muscles are still developing, it is very easy for youth to injure, tear or even pull their muscles. According to sports scientists and experts, a muscle injury should be reported as soon as it occurs and the player should stop physically engaging that muscle until it has completely healed.

Bone injuries are as bad as they come in sports

One of the most dreaded injuries even among professionals, is an injury to the bone and unfortunately, they are very common among the upcoming sports stars. Fractured bones are a common sight in emergency room X-Ray rooms.

Any unexplained pain should be reported

Sometimes, players try to toughen and play with nagging pain. This is not advisable because unexplained pain in any part of the body, can be indicative of a serious underlying problem. Be it pain in the leg, groin area or even in the abdomen, it is best advised for one to seek relevant medical help.

Frontline is open 24 hours for injuries

If you are in Richmond or Texas and have a youth sports related injury, do not hesitate to give us a call today and let us address the injury before it is too late. We are a premium, 24 hour emergency room offering high quality services at very competitive rates. Our emergency rooms are well-equipped and the facility is run by some of the most qualified medical personnel in the state. Give us a call today and visit our offices, to manage any youth sports injury.


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