When to Go to an ER for: Head Injury

When to Go to an ER for: Head Injury

Whether you are taking part in a sporting activity, especially contact sports such as football and soccer, suffer a fall from a height, or even suffer a car accident among other scenarios, suffering a head injury is something that can happen any time given the many ways someone can suffer from one. Although not every bump in the head should be looked on as a medical emergency, it can be quite scare, not to mention painful when you suffer a head injury. Surprisingly, minor bumps to the head, those that involve only superficial damage such as minor cuts to the skin, heal relatively very quickly. The problem with head injuries is that, given the proximity to the brain, people usually don’t like taking chances when they suffer a head injury and that leads to instances where folks may have suffered a minor injury but head over to an ER, with FrontlineER.com being the best place to visit of them all. This is usually the case when the injured party is a child, with parents taking no risks. Given the potential consequences of not giving a severe head injury the attention it requires; this article will look to highlight the instances that should mean that you head over to an ER as soon as possible when you suffer from such an injury.

As a rule of thumb, something that is backed up by the subject matter experts over at FrontlineER.com, if someone experiences loss of consciousness after suffering a head injury, even if it is just temporary, they should ensure they head over to an ER as soon as possible. This is because loss of consciousness is a sign of grade three or severe concussion, which should always be taken seriously. Another thing to look out for, one that should lead to a visit to an ER, is if one becomes disoriented or confused after the impact that caused the head injury. This is another telltale sign of a traumatic brain injury such as a concussion and should be taken seriously for obvious reasons. One should also head over to an ER as soon as possible if they develop a severe headache that comes on quickly after the impact due to the head injury. If on top of the severe head injury one also starts to present with nausea and vomiting, then should also head over to an ER as soon as possible to be attended to as soon as they can as this is yet another indication of concussion or any other traumatic brain injury.

If also after suffering the head injury, one begins to experience or have a seizure, then they should also head over to an ER as soon as they can, with FrontlineER.com being the best option out there. Seizures indicate injury to the brain and mean that the impact was severe and as such should always be taken seriously. If one develops problems with balance after having suffered the head injury and are having difficulty balancing or even standing up, then heading over to an ER should be next on the agenda and they should do so as soon as possible. Another sign to look out for, one which means that one should go to an ER for head injury as soon as possible is if one starts to show evidence of a deterioration of their mental status. This includes instances of one having difficulties remembering things regarding the head injury and just general memory loss. One may also develop speech difficulties and begin to have trouble articulating issues and if this happens, one should ensure that they head over to an ER as soon as possible for assessment. If one is experiencing difficulties with their eye movements then that should also be a sign that they need to visit an ER as soon as possible with the same applying for instances where one is having a discharge of clear fluid or blood from the nose or ears.

Head injuries can sometimes be so severe that they cause brain injuries which include cases of bruising, swelling and even bleeding within the brain. As per the subject matter gurus over at FrontlineER.com, some of the signs to look out for as far as this is concerned include weakness of arms or legs, slurred speech or when one is having redouble waking up or keeping awake after suffering the head injury. This should always be taken seriously as this is an emergency once one presents with these symptoms. If the head injury results in one suffering from obvious damage to the skull, such as a penetration injury, then one should also head over to an ER as soon as possible to be attended to. The same should happen if the head injury was due to a high speed accident such as a car or bike accident or a high fall among others.

If your head injury is accompanied by any of the above symptoms or is due to the situations mentioned above, you should ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible with FrontlineER.com being the best option of them all out there.


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