When to Go to an ER for: Eye Injury

When to Go to an ER for: Eye Injury

Having good vision in both eyes is something most of take for granted and that is why when we suffer an eye injury most of us panic a little bit. Eye injuries vary in their severity and not all of them should be taken as medical emergencies that need to be attended to at an ER, always keeping in mind that FrontlineER.com is the best option out there. Injuries to the eye can occur at any time, at home, work or when playing sports. Given the fact that the tissues inside and around the eye are quite delicate, even soap getting into the eye can be quite irritating and painful, and may lead to an eye injury. Such minor cases like the one where you get soap into your eye are trivial and definitely don’t warrant a trip to the ER. However, there are instances where an eye injury may be so severe that it may lead to permanent loss of vision or even permanent loss of the eye completely. Given the importance of the eye, and the fact that no one wants to suffer vision loss, it is important to know the signs that mean that you should go to an ER to be assessed as soon as possible for your eye injury. That is where this article comes in as it will look to highlight a number of instances that require one to do just that.

Eye injuries due to a blow to the eye or trauma should always be treated as an eye emergency and should always end up with one heading over to an ER as soon as possible for assessment and to be attended to. This includes instances where one suffers trauma to the eye after a blow either form a fist during a fight, a blow from a rock, a blow by a baseball among other scenarios. Such blows, as is explained by the subject matter experts over at FrontlineER.com ,can lead to great damage to the eye, eyelids as well as muscles and bones that surround the eye. In such instances, minor blows may only lead to eye swelling while more severe ones may lead to bleeding inside the eye as well as breaking of bones inside the eye which may require surgery especially if the eye muscles become trapped inside the broken bone. For this reason, eye injuries due to blows or trauma should always be taken seriously with one heading over to an ER as soon as they can to be checked out. Trauma to the eye may also cause traumatic iritis, which affects the iris and cause it to be inflamed. This is yet another instance when one should go to an ER for an eye injury.

When you injure your cornea, which is the clear tissue covering the front of the eye, then you should also take it very seriously and head over to an ER as soon as you can, with FrontlineER.com being the best place out there to visit. The cornea is usually injured by foreign objects such as dust, sand, and other debris, which can cause persistent pain, redness, irritation and sensitivity to light and if as such you start to experience these symptoms, you should ensure you head over to an ER as soon as possible. Sharp objects especially may cut your cornea and it is therefore important to keep an eye out, pardon the pun, for instances where objects enter your eye at a high velocity, especially at work. Speaking of objects getting thrown into the eye at a high velocity, if you experience a punctured eyeball, then you should head over to an ER as soon as possible. This happens when a sharp object gets into the eye at speed and completely tears the sclera or the cornea. Such an impact may also lead to a situation known as acute hyphema, which is where there is bleeding in the space between the iris and the cornea, with the blood layering out at the bottom of the cornea. In such an instance, you should also head to an ER as soon as possible.

An injury to the eyelid, where the skin is split or gaping and may need stitches, should also always be evaluated at an ER, as per the subject matter experts over at FrontlineER.com given the eye’s sensitivity. It is also common to find that in most cases with a badly injured eyelid, there is probably an injury of the internal tissue as well which may need to be assessed. If the eye injury occurs on an infant, less than one-year-old, then it should also be treated as an emergency and they should be taken to the ER as soon as possible. A chemical injury or burn in the eye, especially with highly corrosive chemicals, should also always be treated as an eye emergency and be attended to at an ER. Such chemicals include fertilizers as well as alkaline substances such as drain cleaners, lime, sodium hydroxide which is found in refrigeration equipment. These substances may cause permanent cornea damage and if they get into your eye you should always seek immediate emergency care at an ER.

The eye is very sensitive and as such you should always ensure that when you find yourself in any of the scenarios listed above, you head over to an ER as soon as possible with FrontlineER.com being the best place of them all to visit.


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