What Causes Sleepless Nights? 10 Tips

What Causes Sleepless Nights? 10 Tips

The amount of sleep that is required for adults is said to be between seven to eight hours a night. While there are those who don’t have any problems getting this amount of sleep, there are many other that struggle with getting enough sleep. Studies show that there is a sizeable amount of folks in the U.S that struggle with sleepless nights. This comes with a number of consequences from a negative impact on their health to reduced production at work among many others that make it important to find ways to sort out these problems that lead to sleepless nights. As ever, before one finds solutions, it is important to find the causes and finding the causes of sleepless nights will help one be able to figure out how they can resolve this issue. There are a number of causes as far as sleepless nights are concerned and this article will look to highlight 10 tips that will enable you to identify them.

One of the key tips that will help you figure out why you are having sleepless nights is by checking your stress levels. High stress levels can lead to one suffering from sleepless nights as it is difficult to sleep in such a state. Stress can be due to work, school, finances, health, or even life events such as the illness or death of a loved one or a bad breakup or divorce.

Another tip to help you find the cause behind your sleepless nights is by checking your schedule. Given your circadian rhythms act as your body’s vey own internal clock, if you have a schedule, either work or travel related, that is disrupting it may lead to one suffering from sleepless nights. Things such as working night shifts or jet lag due to travelling across different time zones can lead to sleepless nights.

Poor sleeping habits are another cause of sleepless nights and is something to look out for when looking for tips of the same. Poor sleeping habits include such things as taking long irregular naps during the day, sleeping and waking up at irregular times, watching TV in bed, an uncomfortable sleep environment among others, all of which contribute to one experiencing sleepless nights.

Another tip that will enable you to find out what is the cause behind your sleepless nights is by checking the amount of snacks you eat before bed. The folks over at frontlineer.com are adamant that eating too much before bedtime leads to sleepless nights due to the fact that it may lead to one feeling uncomfortable when lying down as well as leading to instances of heartburn, acid reflux among others that make sleeping hard.

Checking on the medications you are taking is yet another tip to finding out the cause of your sleepless nights. It is a well-known fact that many prescription medications interfere with sleep especially when it comes to medications such as over-the-counter pain relieving drugs, mediations for asthma, antidepressants among others. It is therefore important to keep an eye out for the medications you are taking.

Another reason that may be behind your sleepless nights is due to certain medical conditions. Medical conditions such as chronic pain, diabetes, cancer, asthma and many others, all covered in detail over at frontlineer.com, may come with lots of pain or make one extremely uncomfortable that they are unable to sleep making this another tip if you are looking to find out what is causing your sleepless nights.

Mental health disorders can also cause one to suffer from sleepless nights. These include anxiety disorders such as PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder, depression among others that may lead to one not falling asleep at all or waking up abruptly from their sleep. This should be resolved if one is to get rid of their sleepless nights.

Another tip that will help you find out the cause of your sleepless nights is by checking if you have any sleep related disorders. This include conditions such as sleep apnea, restless legs syndrome among others. All this have symptoms that make it difficult to sleep at night causing sleepless nights, and all of them have been covered in detail over at the ever reliable frontlineer.com.

Drinking caffeine or alcohol before bed is yet another reason that leads to one suffering from sleepless nights. The effects of caffeine are felt in the body for hours and as such drinking caffeinated drinks close to your bedtime will definitely impact on your sleep. Alcohol on the other hand causes sleep apnea, which may lead to one waking up during the night.

As is explained by the experts over at frontlineer.com, while exercising helps with sleep, one should exercise some three hours or more before bedtime. Therefore, exercising close to bedtime will definitely cause sleepless nights as this leads to the overstimulation of your metabolism as well as the raising of your heartbeat, leading to sleepless nights for sure.

Hopefully the above tips will help you identify what is causing your sleepless nights with more on this and other related topics to be found over at frontlineer.com.


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