Top 5 questions about Frontline ER

Top 5 questions about Frontline ER  

Much has been said of ER’s ad their capacity to offer medical services but what most haven’t been able to cover is the full benefit that an ER offers. as opposed to the regular medical service providers, an ER is equipped to handle all responses in a fast and professional manner without the usual delay experienced with other centers of service. These are the elements of service that prides in since it is a center of excellence in medical service provision and the good thing is that every patient is handled by professional doctors that are board certified and always ready to utilize their experience in helping patients in need. 

Is it a 24-Hour emergency care ER? 

This is one of the top questions that many ask about this facility. Well, everyone should be proud to know that this is a no-wait emergency care center that has the right equipment and staff to offer unmatched convenience with regard to patient care. What sets an ER apart from other medical service centers is the fact that you get to be treated at a state of the art facility with advanced technological equipment. At this specific facility, you get to have emergency trained registered nurses looking after your needs round the clock. The capabilities of this facility match, and in some instances surpass, those of hospital-based ER facilities which makes it all the more impressive since it is a freestanding emergency room operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

How fast is the triage phase?

Patients always dread the triage phase in most hospitals and medical care centers since it is usually dragged out and in most cases, it happens at the expense of the patient suffering due to the wait. The beauty with an ER is that the aforementioned difficulties are removed from the equation and this is where the brilliance at comes in full view. The triage phase at this facility is often fast and involves simple steps that include a comprehensive assessment of the patient after which a triage nurse performs a quick registration using basic pieces of information to get the patient into the system. All that is required is for you to answer health information questions after which vital signs are checked including your pulse, temperature, pressure and respiratory rates. The triage nurse then hands over the patient to the charge nurse for commencement of further checks and tests and consequent treatment.  

Is the registration process long and drawn out? 

What happens with ER’s is that you get to have a full bedside registration process done as opposed to the rest of the medical care centers that often perform the registration before a patient even enters the doors of the treatment room. What you can expect at this particular ER is that the registration process will be done seamlessly and in a fast manner to allow a patient time with the doctor for effective treatment. What is done during the registration phase is that the attending practitioners get to draw out the tests and procedures that are ordered and all information is then validated in case there are any changes. The beauty with this is that it works for the purpose of documenting the visit whereby filing of the details is done for future references and also for a primary physician upon request. A fact that stands out for this ER is that you can also check in online and choose an arrival time which will see all attending practitioners remain on standby for your arrival.   

Will I get treated by professionals?

At, you get to be treated by board certified physicians with experience in handling and operating the equipment at their disposal. With a fully equipped imaging department that boasts top of the range digital X-ray machines, advanced ultrasound equipment, and CT scan equipment; you can be sure that the professionals will work every angle to get you the best medical care. The fully functional diagnostic technology and on-site labs that are exclusively staffed ensure that any emergency you have is attended to perfectly and the best aspect is that all these is done by emergency trained specialized nurses and doctors.  

Can family of friends wait with me?

Emergency medical situations are hard to deal with and it is always the love and encouragement of friends and family that help with the predicament. At this ER, it is allowed for a family member or friend to be with you except when the doctor or nurses are attending to or examining your condition. What’s more? There are vending machines and restrooms available for convenience. A patient and family liaison is always available for any queries and notification to make everything seamless and ensure your road to recovery is smooth. 


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