When to visit an ER

When to visit an ER

An emergency room is your best alternative when you are seeking immediate medical care following trauma or unexpected events that affect your health and overall wellbeing. An ER will not only take care of your medical emergency but also ensure your other vitals are checked to give you a clean bill of health. Much has been said of the emergency medical situations that warrant a visit to an ER but frontlineer.com advises that any changes within your body warrants a visit to an emergency room since any symptom may be a signal of an underlying problem that may be more serious. So how do you know when to visit an ER?

Breathing difficulties 

One of the most documented reasons for visiting an ER is breathing difficulties. This is rightly so and an onset of any breathing difficulties should see you rush to the nearest ER since it may actually save your life. COPD otherwise known as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases are serious lung conditions that need immediate attention and can only be diagnosed when you visit an ER. What you may not know is the fact that it may also could be a heart condition that is causing the breathing difficulties and all these can only be cleared by a visit to an ER.   

Chest pains 

For all you know, it could be a heart attack or an infection of the respiratory system and a definite diagnosis is what can clear this. Chest pains accompanied by shortness of breath, decreased tolerance of activity and sweating should definitely see you visit an ER to find out the severity of the condition and what needs to be done to ensure a return to vibrant health.  

Stroke symptoms 

As reported by frontlineer.com, any stroke symptom should not be ignored as the same must be studied to understand the cause and the implications. Be it numbness, confusion, trouble speaking, trouble walking or dizziness among other symptoms; you should definitely find an ER and check n to get to the bottom of the problem.  


Any choking incident must be checked out by a doctor so that any damage to the respiratory system is identified and treated. There is also a huge danger with choking since it may mean a patient lacks oxygen supply to the sensitive areas of the body and all these have to be noted and analyzed to ensure no irreversible damage to the body is experienced. 

Food poisoning 

This is a serious condition that has to be treated by emergency doctors that can effectively diagnose and understand the effects at hand. Whenever you suspect food poisoning and start experiencing the symptoms that include vomiting, general body weakness, chronic stomach ache and dehydration; get to an ER immediately.  

Broken bones 

This is a no-brainer since any broken bones mean your body has experienced huge trauma and thus needs to be completely diagnosed. Broken bones can only heal if the right attention and expert care is sought and this is where the services of an ER come in.

Injury from severe trauma 

Severe trauma includes car accidents, industrial accidents, gunshot wounds and such. Trauma is not always visible and can have some harsh effects later on as some injuries are internal. In order to avoid this case scenario, it is advisable to seek medical treatment from an ER.   

Abdominal pains 

The risk with abdominal pains is that they are unpredictable and they may be just the superficial sign of something more serious. If abdominal pains are accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea, belly bloat and intense localized pain; you should rush to the closest ER and get it checked out as it may mean a raptured appendix or trouble with gall bladder both of which may be fatal if not treated.  

Medication side effects 

Some medications have been known to have side effects while some people just react differently to the medication given. If you experience nausea, rash, diarrhea, vomiting, sudden dizziness, weakness and fainting after medications; an ER should be your next stop.  

Chronic headaches 

Occasional headaches you may be used to but the intense sudden and chronic headaches may be your body telling you that something is wrong and needs immediate attention.  

Onset of infections 

Varied spectrum of infections and it is quite unfortunate that some actually stretch to become sepsis. Renowned ER specialists including frontlineer.com that immediate medical attention is necessary to avoid worsening of symptoms.

Loss of function 

Numbness in legs, fascial muscles, bowel control always need immediate evaluation to ascertain what the problem might be and how the same can be treated.  

Consumption of toxic substances 

An ER is the best place to visit when you need to be sure that any ingested substance will not compromise your health. Be it an overdose of medication, intake of drugs, inhalation of toxic fumes, ingestion of harmful chemical substances or any other toxic contact; the key is to visit an ER immediately.  

Allergic reactions 

From swellings to hives accompanied by troubled breathing and hissing sounds; all these point to the body responding to an allergy and the same can be treated fully at an ER.  

Uncontrolled bleeding 

Deep cuts, gashes and severe lacerations need expert care to avoid infections and damage to neural pathways. Some may even need emergency surgery and only an ER is equipped to treat the same and control blood loss.  


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