Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Houston Texas that Treat Children

Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Houston Texas that Treat Children

Houston Texas has got a fair number of emergency rooms serving the area, most of which are able to handle pediatric emergencies. If your child is having a medical emergency and as such you are looking for an emergency room to take them, then you should definitely look for one that offers the best services around. To help you find one quicker, this article will look to highlight 10 of the best emergency rooms in Houston Texas, that treat children.

Frontline ER

This is arguably the best emergency room in Houston, with the personnel and facilities to handle patients of all ages, including children and infants, as covered over at The facility is well-equipped, with an onsite lab and radiology department, all of which have got technicians that are trained in handling children. They are also super affordable, accepting most insurance covers as well as offering flexible payment plans for those who may require such an option.

Bellaire Emergency Room

This is yet another of the highly-rated emergency rooms in Houston Texas, and just as is the case for the excellent, this one too has got the facilities and personnel to handle pediatric emergencies. The physicians, nurses and technicians are among the best in the area and have got years of experience when it comes to treating children, and as such you can be sure your child will be in safe hands with them. They also accept most insurance covers as well as offering flexible payment plans if you wish to go with that route.

Sacred Heart Emergency Room

Just as is the case for the highly rated, this facility has minimal waiting times and as such your child will be seen as soon as they enter the facility and won’t be made to wait. The physicians and nurses here are so kind and warm, and will focus their energies on ensuring that your child is as comfortable as can be. The facility is also well-equipped with all the requisite resources that ensures they can be able to comfortably handle any sort of emergency your child may have suffered, from major ones to minor ones.

Methodist Hospital Emergency Room

As is the case with the excellent, this emergency room facility has got excellent facilities as well as highly-trained and board-certified physicians, nurses and technicians, and they handle patients of all ages including infants and children. They also have an impressive fleet of ambulances, with quick response times, which can be dispatched to fetch your child if required. They are known for their excellent and affordable services and you should definitely consider them when looking for emergency care services for your child in Houston.

Baylor St. Luke’s Emergency Room

This highly rated facility is yet another emergency room facility in Houston with the personnel and equipment to handle patients of all ages, including children and infants. Their board-certified nurses and physicians have got the experience and knowledge to handle any sort of emergency your child may be having. This facility, as is the case over at, also has a well-equipped lab and radiology department, with technicians who have be trained on how to handle children when carrying out diagnostic tests.

Park Plaza Emergency Room

What makes this facility stand out is not only how clean their rooms are but also how spacious it is, which means it can comfortably hold a significant number of patients at the same time. Their physicians and nurses, just as is the case over at, are not only warm and kind, they are also well trained and experienced in dealing with pediatric emergencies. This is yet another facility in Houston Texas where you can be sure your child will be in safe hands.

SignatureCare Emergency Center

This emergency room facility is open 24/7 all year round, something that can also be said of the highly rated, and is definitely one of the very best emergency rooms in Houston. They treat patients of all ages, including infants and children, and the facility is extremely child-friendly, from their exam rooms to their lobby. They also offer very affordable services with various payment options available, making them one of the best places in Houston to take your child in case of an emergency.

First Choice Emergency Rooms

Just like the highly regarded, this emergency room facility is known for having the latest in cutting-edge technology and equipment. Their radiology department in particular has got all the latest equipment from bedside ultrasounds to ultra-low radiation CT scans among others, all of which are handled by technicians who are trained in dealing with children. When you take your child to this facility, you can be sure that they will receive nothing but the best in services.

Memorial Heights Emergency Room

From the quick response times of their ambulances to their excellent services, this is yet another highly regarded emergency room facility in Houston Texas, just like the top-rated They have minimal waiting times, and as such your child will be attended to within minutes of arriving. The physicians, nurses and other staff are very kind and polite and definitely know how to deal with children.

Clear Lake Regional Medical Emergency Room

The physicians, nurses and radiology and lab technicians at this facility are well-versed and experienced on matters pediatric emergencies, and from the moment your child steps through the front door to when they depart, they will be treated with tremendous dignity and care. They also accept various insurance covers as well as having flexible payment plans which makes their services quite affordable.

Remember, if you are in Houston and are looking for an emergency room in the area to take your child, then without doubt the best option for you is the excellent


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