Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Dallas Texas

Top 10 Emergency Rooms in Dallas Texas

A medical emergency, as is explained by the subject matter experts over at the excellent, is a situation that is limb or life-threatening, and as such requires immediate emergency care. For the best possible outcomes therefore, you will want to not only go to an emergency room, but go to one that offers the best services around. In a city like Dallas that is quite big, with lots of emergency rooms, finding one that offers the best service may not be that easy. This article should therefore by of great help as it will look to list 10 of the best emergency rooms in the area.

Frontline ER Dallas

Located along Gaston Avenue in Dallas Texas, this is one of the very best emergency rooms in the area. It has the very latest in cutting-edge and state-of-the-art technology and equipment as well as highly qualified and experienced board-certified ER physicians, as is seen over at On top of that, they have a fully equipped lab and imaging department with the requisite equipment including a digital x-ray, a low-radiation CT scan and lots more. The staff are also very friendly and will make sure you are as comfortable as possible, not to mention the fact that the waiting times are virtually non-existent and you will be seen as soon as possible.

Advance ER – Park Cities

Opened 24/7, this is yet another excellent emergency room in Dallas, with board-certified physicians as well as all the equipment and technology required for top quality emergency services. From their full-service radiology to well-stocked on-site laboratory and pharmacy, you will definitely be in safe hands when you visit this emergency room. This is without mentioning the staff, who are very friendly and considerate and will ensure that your experience is as comfortable as possible.

Advance ER – Galleria

As is the case for their Park Cities location, the Advance ER facility in Galleria, along Inwood Road, is yet another excellent emergency room in Dallas. They have all the requisite facilities and equipment from their well-equipped and ultramodern lab and pharmacy to their radiology department and so much more. Just as is the case over at the highly rated, there are no waiting times and you will be evaluated as soon as you check in, with the doctors and nurses being very patient and caring, which adds to the experience.

Trusted ER

Just like the excellent, this concierge-style emergency room is one of the very best in Dallas Texas. The waiting and examination rooms are very clean and comfortable and their doctors and nurses ensure that they go above and beyond to make visits by patients as comfortable as can be. They have full radiology services from X-rays to CT scans and so forth as well as a well-stocked on-site pharmacy. They also have an observation suite that allows them to admit patients and watch them closely overnight.

Trusted ER – Hillcrest

This particular facility is located along Hillcrest avenue and is just as excellent as their other facility discussed above, which is located just off Oak Lawn Avenue. The facility, as is the case for the highly regarded, is clean and well equipped with all the requisite technology and equipment. The staff are very attentive and caring, and will ensure that you are as comfortable as possible from the moment you step through the front door to the moment you are discharged.

Preston Hollow Emergency Room

They are located just off Walnut Hill Lane, and are just as highly rated as the excellent They pride themselves in the fact that there are very little waiting times at their facilities, as they examine patients within minutes of their arrival. They also have highly-trained and experienced emergency physicians and nurses as well as radiology physicians who offer some of the best care and services around. They also have an on-site lab and radiology department with X-ray, CT scan and ultrasound machines that allow them to make quick evaluations of their patients.

Lakewood Emergency Room

Just as is the case over at the highly regarded, the service at this emergency room facility in Dallas Texas is excellent. They have minimal waiting times and you will be evaluated as soon as you set foot through their front doors. They also have all the requisite equipment and technology, including an on-site lab and radiology department with X-ray, ultrasound and CT scan machines that allows them to evaluate and treat patients as soon as possible.

Medical City ER

From the receptionist to the physicians and nurses, everyone at this Dallas emergency room is as friendly and welcoming as they come, something that is also true for the staff over at the equally highly rated They are very professional and caring and will take time to listen to you and make sure that you are comfortable and aren’t in any pain or discomfort.

Highland Park Emergency Room

From their lobby to their exam rooms, this facility is very clean and neat, something they have in common with the excellent The physicians are very knowledgeable and friendly and will ensure that you are treated as soon as you enter the facility. They also have all the requisite facilities from their full-service radiology to their lab and so forth.

Elite Care 24 Hour Emergency Room

They have excellent services, clean and neat waiting and exam rooms as well as short waiting times, which is why they are so highly rated in the area. You will be in and out within no time at all, and will be made to feel like you matter by their compassionate and caring physicians and nurses. They are definitely worth checking out when in need of emergency care services in Dallas Texas.

Remember, if you are looking for emergency care services in Dallas Texas, the best place to go to is over at the highly regarded


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