Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Teachers and Childcare

Top 10 Coronavirus Tips for Teachers and Childcare

As per discussions on the same over at, teachers and childcare centers and providers have had to change how they operate as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. There can be no denying the key role teachers and childcare providers play, in educating and taking care of our children. To ensure that all the parties involved are safe and protected, here are 10 coronavirus tips for teachers and childcare providers and centers.

Stay informed

One of the most important tips for teachers and childcare providers that should help them deal with the coronavirus crisis is to ensure they familiarize themselves with the ins and outs of COVID-19. As a teacher or childcare provider, you should ensure that you know what the coronavirus is, the signs and symptoms to look out for as far as it is concerned, how it is spread, how it affects children and so forth, with the answers to all these questions to be found over at

Information for the children and their parents

As important as it is to ensure that you are well informed on how to be protect yourself and your students from the coronavirus, it is also important that the children in your care and their parents are just as informed. Have parents come in and provide them with information on what to do to keep themselves and their kids safe. Also make sure that you teach the children in your care about the things to do to protect themselves from the virus as well as the importance of doing the same.

Practice good personal hygiene

Another tip by the gurus over at for teachers and childcare providers as far as the coronavirus crisis goes is to ensure that you sanitize and wash your hands well and often. This is important as not only will it help keep you safe, but it will also help protect the children in the school or childcare center, ensuring that they don’t contract the virus. By practicing good personal hygiene, you will be leading by example as the children in your care as well as your students will be watching you and looking to follow your cue.

Clean and disinfect items in the school or childcare center

As a teacher or childcare provider, you know which items and objects the children in your school or childcare center touch the most. As a coronavirus tip by the subject matter experts over at, you should make sure that these items and objects are cleaned and disinfected regularly. You should also make sure the classes and rooms used undergo regular deep-cleans to ensure that they are disinfected so as to keep you and your students safe.

Access to tissues

As per the gurus over at, it is important that you cover your mouth with a tissue if you sneeze or cough, then dispose of it immediately as a way of stopping the spread of the coronavirus. It is therefore important, as a tip for teachers and childcare providers, that one ensures that the kids in your school or childcare center have got easy and enough access to tissues for when they need to use them. It is also important that they have access to no-touch trashcans to enable easy and safe disposal of the tissues afterwards.

Have a plan for when a kid gets sick

While the aim is pretty much to ensure that no one in your care contracts the virus, another tip by the folks over at for teachers and childcare providers is to ensure that you have a plan for when a child in your school or childcare center becomes sick. Make sure you know how to proceed and who to call. It is also important to have a room where they can be kept, away from the other children, as they wait to be picked up.

Tailor activities

With activities that encourage close contact being discouraged, another tip the gurus over at have for teachers and childcare providers is for them to try and tailor the activities the children in their care engage in to the current times. Cut out the activities that involve close contact, including some of the popular games. Make sure you explain to the kids why you are not doing these activities anymore also. Come up with safer activities and games for them; those that don’t involve lots of close contact.

Reduce class capacity

As another way to protect you and the children in your care from the coronavirus threat, the subject matter experts over at recommend that you reduce the class capacity in your school or childcare center. Having fewer children in class reduces the chances of the virus spreading in the class, as it makes it easy for children to social-distance while in class.

Offer services to those who need it

It may also be prudent to have the children in your childcare center stay at home with their parents, particularly for those parents who are working from home. As a tip for childcare centers, you should look to offer services to those parents who work as essential service providers during the current COVID-19 pandemic, which include doctors, nurses and other medical providers, as per the gurus over at This ensures that you are only serving those parents who require your services, allowing the rest to stay safely at home.

Virtual learning

As for teachers, another tip for them during the coronavirus crisis is for them to move their classes from the classrooms to online platforms. Switch to remote learning where you can be teaching your students through video conferencing software such as Zoom or through video posts, while they are in the comfort of their homes. This ensures that learning is going on, while at the same time keeping everyone protected from the virus.

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