Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

Substance-Related and Addictive Disorders

  • Use of the substance interferes with the ability to fulfill role obligations
  • Attempts to cut down or control use fail
  • Intense craving for the substance
  • Excessive amount of time spent trying to procure the substance or recover from its use
  • Use of the substance causes the person difficulty with interpersonal relationships or to become socially isolated
  • Engages in hazardous activities when impaired by the substance
  • Tolerance develops and the amount required to achieve the desired effect increases
  • Substance-specific symptoms occur upon discontinuation of use

Substance intoxication

  • Development of a reversible syndrome of symptoms following excessive use of a substance
  • Direct effect on the central nervous system
  • Disruption in physical and psychological functioning
  • Judgment is disturbed and social and occupational functioning is impaired.

Substance withdrawal

  • Development of symptoms that occurs upon abrupt reduction or discontinuation of a substance that has been used
  • Symptoms are specific to the substance that has been used.
  • Disruption in physical and psychological functioning


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