Planning/Implementation – Panic Anxiety


Panic Anxiety: Real or perceived threat to biological integrity or self-concept and evident any or all of the physical symptoms identified by the DSM-5

Maintain calm, nonthreatening approach.

Keep the immediate surroundings low in stimuli.

Teach the client signs of escalating anxiety.

Fear: Causing embarrassment to self in front of others, being in a place from which one is unable to escape, or a specific stimulus and evident by behavior directed towards avoidance of the feared object or situation

Include the client in making decisions.

Encourage the client to explore underlying feelings.

Ineffective Coping: Undeveloped ego, punitive superego; avoidance learning; possible biochemical changes and evident by ritualistic behavior or obsessive thoughts

Initially meet the client’s dependency needs.

Provide a structured schedule of activities.

Disturbed Body Image: Repressed severe anxiety and evident by preoccupation with imagined defect; verbalizations that are out of proportion to any actual physical abnormalities that may exist; and numerous visits to plastic surgeons or dermatologists seeking relief

Help client see his or her body image is distorted.

Involve client in activities that reinforce positive sense of self.

Make referrals to support groups.

Ineffective Impulse Control: Possible genetic or biochemical factors; poor parent-child relationship; history of child abuse or neglect and evident by recurrent pulling out of the hair in response to stressful situations

Convey a nonjudgmental attitude.

Practice stress management techniques.

Offer support and encouragement.


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