Nursing Process Assessment

Nursing Process Assessment

  • Symptoms may be categorized by degree of severity.
  • Stage 1. Hypomania: Symptoms not sufficiently severe to cause marked impairment in social or occupational functioning or to require hospitalization
    • Cheerful mood
    • Rapid flow of ideas; heightened perception
    • Increased motor activity
  • Stage 2. Acute mania: Marked impairment in functioning; usually requires hospitalization
    • Elation and euphoria; a continuous “high”
    • Flight of ideas; accelerated, pressured speech
    • Hallucinations and delusions
    • Excessive motor activity
    • Social and sexual inhibition
    • Little need for sleep
  • Stage 3. Delirious mania: A grave form of the disorder characterized by an intensification of the symptoms associated with acute mania. The condition is rare because the advent of antipsychotic medication.
    • Labile mood; panic anxiety
    • Clouding of consciousness; disorientation
    • Frenzied psychomotor activity
    • Exhaustion and possibly death without intervention


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