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Nursing Assessment Tuberculosis

Nursing Assessment

  • History
  • Physical symptoms
    • Productive cough
    • Night sweats
    • Afternoon temperature elevation
    • Weight loss
    • Pleuritic chest pain
    • Crackles over apices of lungs
  • Sputum collection

Nursing diagnoses

  • Ineffective breathing pattern related to decreased lung capacity
  • Ineffective airway clearance related to increased secretions, fatigue, and decreased lung capacity
  • Risk for infection (spread of infection to others) related to cough and sputum production, lack of knowledge of disease process, and social/economic circumstances
  • Noncompliance and ineffective health management related to lack of knowledge of disease process, lack of motivation, long-term nature of treatment, and lack of resources


  • Comply with therapeutic regimen
  • Have no recurrence of disease
  • Have normal pulmonary function
  • Take appropriate measures to prevent spread of disease