Eye Injuries

FRONTLINE ER in Richmond TX provides 24-hour emergency medical care for patients suffering from eye injuries. If you or someone else has suffered an eye injury, it is essential that you present the patient for medical assessment as soon as possible to avoid infection or long-term damage to the eye. The doctors at FRONTLINE ER are caring, experienced and highly skilled professionals who provide fast, comprehensive treatment for eye injuries.

Trauma to the eye from impact, sharp objects or contamination can result in a number of conditions that may require immediate medical attention. If a patient presents to our emergency room with a full-thickness laceration to the eye that has resulted in an open globe, then surgery may be essential.

Diagnosis & Medical Treatment of Eye Injuries

Patients have a medical assessment within 10 minutes of arrival at FRONTLINE ER, and initial steps will be taken to identify, treat and manage infection.

The primary objective for in-bound patients is to avoid infection and avoid further damage to the globe. Close-eye lacerations are treated with a course of broad-spectrum antibiotics, ideally initiated within 24 hours of the initial incident to treat the injury.

After surgery, patients are treated with the necessary medications to advance healing of the wound. Topical medication and infection monitoring will continue in an inpatient setting, and patients will be advised of the status of their injury.

After initial treatment has been completed, patients seeking further information about their injury, ongoing care or counseling services can ask for assistance from staff, who will be happy to provide information on how to access services and achieve optimum long-term outcomes.

To achieve the best medical outcome, it is essential that patients present quickly and can provide doctors with as much information about the incident as possible. Call FRONTLINE ER at [geolifycontent id=”26138″] and get the best medical care right away!


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