Chronic Pain

FRONTLINE ER provides compassionate, fast and effective medical care for patients in Richmond, Texas. Our service is available 24 hours a day, and, if you are suffering from chronic pain, we are always available to assist you with your condition. FRONTLINE ER works with local physicians, researchers and other medical professionals to provide you with the finest medical care. To help you relax and heal, we are equipped with on-site diagnostics, a CT scanner, x-ray equipment, and bedside ultrasound. So, if you have chronic pain in your joints or back, or suffer frequent headaches, we can help you manage your pain.

At FRONTLINE ER, we understand that sufferers of chronic medical conditions may have periods of acute pain that may require medical attention with rapid response. Our expert medical team can evaluate your pain and provide treatment without a long, stressful wait, ensuring you receive prompt, compassionate, quality care.

If you suffer from chronic pain and are hit by an intense bout of pain, it is important that you provide our team with as much information as possible. When presenting to the FRONTLINE ER facility, please provide the name and details of your regular physician who handles your routine care. Please also provide our staff with a list of your current medications, dosages and treatments so we can be aware of all of your needs. Before presenting to FRONTLINE ER, please contact your physician first and advise him or her of your intentions. If you do not have a current doctor, simply provide our staff with as much information as possible so we can provide you with the best care possible.

FRONTLINE ER delivers fast, compassionate care for all sufferers of chronic pain. Call FRONTLINE ER at [geolifycontent id=”26138″] and get the best medical care right away!


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