Eye Infections

FRONTLINE ER 24-hour emergency room in Richmond, Texas is dedicated to providing every patient with compassionate, high quality medical care. We deliver a range of emergency treatment and procedures for patients suffering from eye infections. Our experienced physicians deliver fast, effective care to all patients with eye injuries, and take preventative measures to ensure infection and further injury is avoided.

Diagnosis of Eye Infection

When a patient presents to FRONTLINE ER with a potential injury to the eye, the first step is to assess for infection to the eye.  Eye infections can spread rapidly and can have long-term, chronic effects. An initial medical evaluation is quickly performed to ensure any damage to the globe is minimized and confined to the initial location of the wound. The first steps taken during any procedure are focused on avoiding infection, and include a combination of antibiotic treatments. If the eye globe does not require surgery, doctors will apply topical medication and staff will monitor the patient closely to assess the healing process.

Follow Up Procedures for Eye Infections

FRONTLINE ER maintains close professional ties with a number of specialist professionals and can advise patients on their best course of action. To ensure excellent long-term recovery prospects and to prevent ongoing suffering, FRONTLINE ER can arrange for specialist services such as oculoplastics, remedial cornea or retina steps or pediatrics.

FRONTLINE ER can also arrange for counseling services for any patient at risk of suffering, or already suffering, from the effects of trauma. Our staff can refer any individual seeking confidential, private or group counseling.

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