Is Your Health at Risk? 9 Questions to Answer

Is Your Health at Risk? 9 Questions to Answer

From the activities we get through all through the day as well as from the myths we hear about potential health risks, there are a number of questions that are usually posed that make us wonder if our health really is at risk. Most of the time, the answers to these questions go to ally our fears as they reveal that our health isn’t really at risk. There are other answers however that go to confirm that our health may actually be at risk. It is therefore quite important to ask these questions that generally arise as far as our health is concerned and have them conclusively answered by experts so that we can be able to find if our health is at risk. That is what this article will attempt to do, and we hope that it will turn out to be of great help to you.

Could my cell phone kill me?

This is a question that we have heard for a while now, the question is, is it true? Well, it is very unlikely that you may contact anything serious by using your cell phone, although it is recommended that if you are the type of person that is on their cell phone a lot, especially due to your work, you get yourself an earpiece or at least put your phone on speaker when on the phone. While your cell phone is unlikely to kill you due to cancer, it definitely will if you drive while using it.

Is tap water trustworthy?

Another question we need answered is whether or not the water from the tap is to be trusted or not. In most cases in the U.S, given tap water comes from municipal treatment plants with stringent safety regulations and also due to the fact that they are carefully monitored and regulated, they are usually quite safe. Due to the extremely strict federal regulations especially when it comes to filtering, tap water is definitely trustworthy.

Will I get cancer from my microwave?

The simple answer to this question is, NO, microwaves won’t give you cancer as all they do is heat up your food and doesn’t alter your food in any way. As is covered in detail over at, all a microwave does is cause the water molecules in the food to move about, with the friction that ensues due to the movement causing the food to heat up. Just to be safe though, you might want to step back when the microwave is on.

Will working behind my computer all day lead to me going blind?

This is something that we have heard at one time or the other, and the simple answer to this is also NO. While a long session behind a computer may lead to one tiring their eye muscles as well as living the stiff, it will not lead to any permanent damage. You might want to take a break and look up from the computer every now and then to reduce the tiredness that may ensue.

Is it dangerous to eat swordfish?

The simple answer here is YES, swordfish is something you should stop eating as it has been known to contain high levels of mercury, which we all know is dangerous to our health. Most other fish such salmon don’t have such high levels of mercury, if any, and have benefits that outweigh the risks in terms of mercury and other contaminants.

Should I see a doctor because of back ache?

Back aches are usually very commonplace, the question most people grapple is if they are at risk health-wise and if they should then see a doctor. The answer is one should under certain circumstances, all of which are covered in detail over at such as if the back pain is so severe that it is preventing you from sleeping or if you are experiencing other symptoms such as numbness in your extremities, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, weakness among others.

Will tanning using self-tanners lead to me getting cancer?

One question people usually ask is if self-tanners can lead to one getting cancer. Well, the answer to this question is NO, they can’t. They are relatively safe as far as cancer is concerned, but they however don’t offer any protection as far as UVB or UVA are concerned and as such it is still important to use sunscreen so as to prevent a number of conditions from ensuing such as sun damage.

Is there truth to the claim that 48 hours after starting on antibiotics, one can’t infect someone?

The simple answer to this question is YES, it is in fact true that as far as bacterial infections are concerned, you won’t be able to infect anyone 48 hours after starting on antibiotics. It is however important to go the full course as far as the antibiotic dosage is concerned so as to prevent antibiotic resistance from ensuing.

I’m I at risk due to the new birth control pills that eliminate periods?

The answer here is NO, there is no evidence whatsoever that proves that suppressing one’s periods by using these birth control pills pose any health risks. The subject matter experts over at explain that, due to the fact that hormones in the regular pills prevent the uterus from forming then thick lining normally shed during menstruation, the periods one gets when they are on the regular pill are not real anyway.

The above are some of the common questions that normally arise as far as risks to one’s health is concerned, with more on this to be found over at


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