Going to an Emergency Room for Pediatric Emergencies

Going to an Emergency Room for Pediatric Emergencies

At some point in your life, you will need to take your child to an ER such as Frontline ER. This is not something any parent desires but it ends up happening in most cases. However, it does not need to be a stressful situation. With the tips that we have prepared for you, we hope that you will get the care you need at the ER.

Plan ahead and find the right ER

In a major emergency, you should visit the nearest ER. Ensure that you take time to find emergency rooms before you even ever need one. However, you also need to find an ER that offers pediatric services. If you take your child to an ER and it does not have a pediatrician, the child will need to be transferred to the right ER or hospital.

Besides that, a children’s hospital with an ER attached has a better atmosphere for children. The rooms are colorful and there are toys and TV shows for young kids. Besides that, the right ER will have specialists and the right equipment for young kids. Take time now and start researching ERs near you. Make calls to them or visit their sites. There you will find if they can handle a pediatric emergency.

Call the pediatrician

Unless your child often experiences this emergency, you should first contact your pediatrician. He or she may give you advice on the phone that will alleviate the emergency. Besides that, the doctor can call the ER and tell them what they will expect. However, if you feel the emergency is serious, call 911 first.

Treat the child at home

If your child has a fever, you may want to consider treating them at home. Simply give them some OTC pain medication. This will make it easier for the ER doctors to examine the child. However, ensure that you take note of the dosage that you give the child before going to the ER. If possible, take pictures of the prescription bottle to give doctors an easy time at the ER.

Be calm and guide your child on what they should expect

When your child is sick, you will no doubt want to express that anxiety. However, when you do that, you are only going to make your child distressed. Every child, no matter their age, looks up to their parent for reassurance. If you do not offer them that, they are most likely going to freak out. Be honest but try to be sensitive to their situation. Communication is a key aspect of this.

Leave their brothers and sisters at home

Try to call a neighbor to babysit the kids; if you bring to the ER, it is only going to distract you. That means you will have less time to focus on your child, which could make it easier for them to throw a tantrum. It is highly encouraged that you stay with the child throughout their ER visit.

Bring the medical history and list of medication with you

It is a good idea to have the medical history with you as well as the medication they are taking. Besides that, bring along medical documents such as the health insurance, the contact information for your child’s doctor, and a list of known allergies. 

Besides that, try to remember the last time your child had a meal. Most ERs will not allow the patient to eat unless the doctor gives the go ahead. This is done for the sake of the child, in case he or she requires a certain procedure. Besides that, the child may need some medication that can only be taken on an empty stomach.

Bring along a comfort item

If your child needs any special items to feel at ease or rest, do not hesitate to take them with you to the ER. Something like their favorite blanket, a book, or a toy, will be quite useful. It will help to take their mind off the pain and anxiety of a hospital setting.

Understand that you may need to wait

At the ER, you are not served on a first come first served basis. The sickest will be seen first. However, if your pediatrician calls ahead and explains the severity of the issue, you may be seen first. Besides that, you must be aware that your child might need some blood work done. In such a case, you might end up having to stay in the hospital all night.

Frontline ER can help with kids

At Frontline ER, we have the equipment and personnel to handle both adult and children cases. If you have a sick child and you are close to us, be assured that you can find an expert who will assist you. Each day and night, we handle children emergencies with expert care. Our medical experts also know how to handle children, thus ensuring their anxiety will be minimized.


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