How to Find an Emergency Room for Dental Issues

How to Find an Emergency Room for Dental Issues

When you have a dental issue, your dentist is usually the first person that you must contact. However, you may encounter a dental problem at night, on a holiday, or on the weekend. If this happens, it is good to visit an ER such as Frontline ER. It is however important that you can discern between a standard dental issue and one that proves to be an emergency. Here is how to decide when to visit the ER for a dental problem.

A knocked out tooth

If you get your tooth knocked out, that qualifies as an emergency. If you get to a dentist fast enough, the tooth can be reinserted and saved. When you get your tooth knocked out, pick it up by the crown, and carefully rinse. Take care not to touch the root. Now get to the ER and it can be reinserted.

Cracked tooth

Not all cracks qualify as a dental emergency. However, if you get a cracked tooth that becomes too painful, you need to visit the ER. It is especially so if even a slight opening of the mouth can cause you excruciating pain. The ER will repair the crack and save you from the pain. It is especially so when the cracking is extensive and it leaves fragments of tooth touching the pulp.


If you develop a dental abscess, you should get to the ER as fast as you can. This is because this puss-filled pocket can cause a blood infection. You should try to get there as fast as possible if you have already developed a fever. If you wait too long, it will lead to you passing out and potentially having to be admitted to hospital due to massive organ failure.

How to avoid dental emergencies

The best to avoid a dental emergency is to take care of your oral health. Ensure that you brush and floss teeth at least twice a day. Besides that, ensure that you do not miss routine dental checkups.

It is also important that you use your teeth properly. For instance, stop cracking nuts and opening bottles with teeth. You should also take care not to engage in dangerous activities without the proper safety equipment. For instance, do not climb on to your roof without the right safety harness. Lastly, avoid smoking, beer, and sugary foods. If you are not careful, your teeth could become weaker and prone to falling off.

How to Find the Right ER

If you are experiencing a dental emergency, use any of these tips:

Call your dentist

Your dentist may be able to direct you to an ER where he knows you will get the right care. While ERs have an issue of overcrowding, some are usually not as crowded. Your dentist may know a good place where you can find the treatment that you need for your teeth in good time. Besides that, he or she will help to determine whether it is even an emergency worth an ER visit.

Research the number beforehand

At some point in your life, a medical emergency will arise. It is best to be prepared for it. Call a few of the emergency rooms in your area and inquire about what they do best. For instance; you may find one that has specialists who can handle a dental emergency.

Go through a few of them until you find one that works for you. You should also visit their websites and find out about what exactly they offer. This way, you do not end up being frustrated once you get to an ER.

Ask your neighbors

You can just randomly inquire from one of your neighbors about a good ER that handles dental emergencies. This is especially so if you are new to the area. A neighbor can help to direct you to an ER where you will get good treatment. He or she will no doubt have experience with a few of them.

How to get the most out of the ER visit

A visit to the ER is not enough; you will need to know how to handle yourself for you to get the best care. Here are some tips:

Have a lot of information

Ensure that you come armed with as much medical data as possible. This way, the doctor at the ER can tell which medication to give you and what treatment to offer you. If you do not have this information, you may have to undergo tests, which could be quite costly.

Ask questions

A first visit to the ER can seem strange. However, you should not be afraid to ask questions, even if they seem embarrassing. This will help to ensure that you know what exactly is required for you.


If you follow these tips, they should help you get the care you need in good time. No one wishes for an emergency, but it is already good to be prepared in case the need arises.


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