How to Find an Emergency Room for Earache

How to Find an Emergency Room for Earache

Ear pain can happen in various parts of your ear and can occur due to different reasons. It is important to know the cause of your ear pain so that you can know if you need to visit the ER or an urgent care Centre.

Common infections include outer ear infections or what is referred to as swimmers ear, middle ear infections, and inner ear infections. An ear infection can also be caused by injury due to scratching the ear canal when cleaning the ear.

Common Ear Infections

  • Swimmers ear

Swimmers ear is caused by an infection in the ear canal. The infection might be caused by bacteria or fungi and is often found in teens or adults who are exposed to a lot of water in swimming pools. The infection also often occurs in warm climates where people are known to swim for long hours in polluted or chlorinated waters.

The symptoms that will accompany a swimmers ear include severe pain in the ear that gets worse when the outer part of the ear is pulled or pressed. The enlarged outer ear will also be swollen and the surrounding glands will be tender to touch. You will also have difficulty in hearing and your ear will produce a greenish yellow pus. In some instances, you might have a slight fever.

  • Middle ear infections or otitis media

The middle ear is a small part of your ear found inside the eardrum. This part connects to your throat through a small tube. An infection will often occur if germs from your nose and throat are trapped due to the blockage of the connecting tube. This often occurs if you have a cold. These infections are very common in children and will often be accompanied by ear pain, high fever, trouble hearing, a plugged feeling in the ear, and a thick yellow discharge.

  • Inner ear infections

These are also referred to as labyrinthitis infections. The infection on this part of the ear is usually caused by viral illnesses such as influenza. They are also caused by head injuries, allergies, ageing, drug reactions or an underlying medical disorder. An infection in the inner ear might be accompanied by vertigo that is a feeling that things are moving when they are not, imbalance, nausea, ringing in your ears, dizziness, reduced hearing, and difficulty concentrating among other symptoms.

When Do You Go To The ER Due To Ear Pain?

If you experience the below symptoms with your ear pain you need to head to the ER

  • Stiff neck
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Severe drowsiness
  • A recent head trauma or blow to the ear
  • High fever

Less severe ear pain symptoms should see you visit an urgent care Centre. They include:

  • Low fever
  • Dizziness, ringing in the ear or minor hearing loss
  • A sticky or bloody discharge from the ear
  • Pain that worsens or does not improve within 24 hours
  • Ear pain after blowing your nose
  • Increased pain when you wiggle your earlobe.

How Do I Find The Best Emergency Room For My Earache

Ear infections are often not planned for but most doctors at the ER will keep you waiting for hours treating an ear infection as a lesser infection. However, finding the right ER facility can mean the difference between you waiting for hours to be treated and you going home satisfied with the ER services. Below are a few factors you should consider when looking for the best ER for your ear infections.

  • Short waiting time

Emergency rooms are not fun to be around, babies are crying and you will probably see people in near death situations. As the doctors and nurses seek to look after everyone, your ear infection might not get noticed. You might have to wait for hours in ER that have long queues of patients before you see a doctor. Additionally, the nurses might just ignore you if they think your earache does not warrant emergency care compared to other patients.

However, if you visit an ER where they have a policy of not keeping you waiting you will be treated quickly no matter what you are suffering from.

  • Qualified staff and specialists

Qualified and experienced staff will ensure they do not ignore your earache symptoms. Such a facility will provide you with the highest standards of medical care. They will also examine you thoroughly and ensure they get to the root of your ear problem.

Most ER have a shortage of ENT specialists. Most emergency departments report a shortage of specialists since few specialists are willing to work in the ER. Ensure the ER you are visiting has an ENT specialist who will examine your ear.

  • Commercial insurance accepted

Emergency room care can be expensive. ER bills for your earache might run from $500 or more. Seek for an ER that accepts commercial insurance this will cater for some of the ER costs.

If you have a severe earache and you are at a loss where to go visit Frontline ER. We are located in Richmond and Dallas and we are open 24/7. We also have no waiting time and we use modern technology and equipment. Our board-certified ENT specialists will examine you and give you the best care for your ear pain. We treat our patients like family, we accept commercial insurance and we have a special self-pay pricing to reduce your ER bill.


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