Factors influencing healing

Factors influencing healing

  • Factors influencing healing
    • Displacement and site of fracture
    • Blood supply to area
    • Immobilization
    • Internal fixation devices
    • Infection or poor nutrition
    • Age
    • Smoking
  • Complication of fracture healing
    • Delayed union
      • Fracture healing progresses more slowly than expected. Healing eventually occurs.
    • Nonunion
      • Fracture fails to heal despite treatment. No x-ray evidence of callus formation
    • Malunion
      • Fracture heals in expected time but in unsatisfactory position, possibly resulting in deformity or dysfunction
    • Angulation
      • Fracture heals in abnormal position in relation to midline of structure (type of malunion)
    • Pseudoarthrosis
      • Type of nonunion occurring at fracture site in which a false joint is formed with abnormal movement at site.
    • Refracture
      • New fracture occurs at original fracture site
    • Myositis ossificans
      • Deposition of calcium in muscle tissue at site of significant blunt muscle trauma or repeated muscle injury


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