Facebook Reviews for Frontline ER Dallas

Facebook Reviews for Frontline ER Dallas


Lenora Deloney 

Arrived at Frontline ER under siege from a monster migraine I am so grateful for the care I received to the staff dr Guy, nurse Tomas, radiologist Whitley, and registration Isamael thank you for taking of me

Megan Carpenter

Everyone there treats you so well! From Giselle, when you first check in & fill out the paperwork, to Tomas, who took me back to the exam room and checked my vitals, right up to Dr Guy, who was very professional and nice….. everyone there really makes you feel like they care about you and what you’re going through!

I highly recommend going there!

They’re very professional and they get you right in, no long waiting room time like other places!

Catherine Lee

fast and efficient, caring and professional

Laura Retana

Dr. Tran and all the staff were very professional, so caring and helpful. I got an ankle fracture and they took an excellent care of me, service was very fast and efficient.
Thank you so much!

Went to Frontline for breathing issues. Cody and Candy expedited my processing. Dr Fitzgerald saw me quickly. Breathing treatment on board very quickly!!!! Alex called in for CT.

Overall experience -excellent !!!

Staff—-very professional and caring.

Definitely would recommend!!

Thank you!!!

Dr Eric Guy on site along with nurse Tomas assisting me through this tough time Dr Guy was attentive to my needs as well my curiosity when it came to my treatment. I’m so happy the whole staff was available.

Everything it’s just a great place very clean and everyone was very kind and I felt I was very well taken care of.

Their migraine infusion protocol!! Thank you to this team who helped me so much! I had been having migraines for over a week and this team took care of me and would not stop until I felt better. I had been to another hospital’s ER and my neurologist who then recommended Frontline. Thank you to Martha, Tomas, Candy, Dr. Tran, and Jaime…I know where to go if I find myself in need of help again!

Frontline has awesome service, no wait, and the staff takes care of your needs immediately especially when you are in pain. I will definitely return here in the future for my needs if need be. Thank you Frontline ER!

This place is truly the definition of an emergency room. There’s no waiting, clean, professional staffs. Cody was awesome at the registration desk. Nurse Chris was super. The radiology tech Khoda was on point and Dr Kissling was outta this world fantastic. I would switch my primary physician if it was possible. This location and staff are all stars. The best medical facility hands down.

Had a very bad experience after being referred by my neurologist for migraines. Treated like a drug seeker and told by the nurse, I think her name was Candy that I would not be receiving narcotics this time. That occurred probably 5 minutes after being taken into the room. She then began to pull medications and wanted to give them to me before even being seen by the doctor. I told her I wanted to be evaluated by the doctor first. The doctor came and didn’t even do a Neuro assessment even though I had head pain, dizziness, blurry vision, etc. it was a horrendous experience all around. I’ve dealt with migraines for 10 years and have never been tested with such disrespect. I ended up going to Baylor Uptown and they were amazing. So sweet and caring and the doctor took his time, frequently checking in.

I highly recommend Frontline. I was told this was the place to go for Migraine treatment. Quiet and relaxing atmosphere when I was there. Staff was very attentive and caring. They took time to explain everything to me about the procedure and answer my questions. Doctors and staff are all wonderful and professional.

Had to go here to get stitched up and it was an easy in and out experience-so amazing! Thank you Chris, Cody, Filipa, and Dr. Saunders!

I was treated at Frontline ER today, could not recommend it more! I had an uncomfortable procedure done, but everyone who worked there helped to make it easier for me. Cody at the front desk, Jaime the tech, Chris the nurse, and Dr. Tran were all very professional, courteous and efficient! There was no wait time and everything was clean. They also provide discounts for medical professionals with proof of where you work!!

I was sent to Frontline ER Dallas by my neurologist. I had been having severe migraines for months, weeks at at time without relief.
My doctor had called ahead, so the staff at Frontline were aware I was in transit.
When my mom and I arrived, we were greeted by Luzma, who was very polite. Once I began filling out the required paperwork, Jaíme, the Radiology Tech, came out and explained what his role would be once I completed the papers. After the paperwork completion, Jaíme took me and my mom back to a room. After changing into a gown, I was greeted by Chris, my nurse, and Dr. Guy. Each of them were cordial and patient as they each explained what I was to expect and allowed for my return questions. Chris quickly began my treatment therapy. The IV treatments continued until my headache was almost gone. I hadn’t felt that great in quite some time!!!
My dismissal process was smooth. Dr. Guy and the oncoming nurse (sorry I forgot her name-but she just passed her Nurse Practitioner licensure testing…whoop-whoop!!) explained everything so that both my mom and I could fully understand the treatment and dismissal instructions.
My mom and I each live in East TX, 2 hour drives. My mom said if she ever had to come to a Dallas ER, it wouldn’t be Baylor….it would be Frontline ER!! The staff were phenomenal! The atmosphere was calm. There was an aromatherapy diffuser for migraine sufferers at the bedside that I didn’t see until we were leaving.
Thank y’all so very much for taking such fantastic care of me! Please let Dr. Guy know that I’m sorry that I forgot to give him my Starbucks card!


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