Google Reviews for Frontline ER Dallas

Google Reviews for Frontline ER Dallas


Dr. Matthew Pennell

Fantastic job! Unfortunately I had to make a stop at Frontline due to a cut on my hand. They brought me in, did an exam, fixed the wound and had us checked out in an hour or less. Extremely impressed with the friendly staff and quick service. Highly recommend for anyone in need!
I was very pleasantly surprised at this place. Enough so that I will likely never go to another ER. This place was clean, nice, large rooms, immediate attention, and gave me the cost variations in advance.

Dr. Guy, Tomás, Jaime, Luzma, Cody and Candy were very professional, kind and with a good sense of humor. I am not an easy patient and they patiently answered all of my questions so that I would know what was going on in advance.

I cannot find anything they could have improved upon.

This ER was amazing, I highly recommend!
They were thorough, explained everything being done, and made you feel super comfortable. Thank you for taking such wonderful care of my daughter!
Day after Christmas I wasn’t feeling well. I called one of Frontline’s competitor’s and was given an appt time of late in the day. It was still morning when I called. I looked up Frontline and gave them a call and was told there was currently no wait and to come on in. To make things even better, I found out they are in my insurance network and didn’t have a co-pay. The staff was very nice and helpful and the doctor attentive. He got me what I needed and I was home within the hour. Will definitely use them again.
UPDATE- Yes they are in my insurance network, but now I have received a bill. (Two bills, exactly) While the amount is a lot lower than if I didn’t have insurance, it is substantially more than the amount I would have paid at my usually place that doesn’t have ER in the name. Now I understand why no one else was in the waiting room. Doubt that I will use there services again due to the cost.
Went to the ER for severe migraine that lasted 11 days and left pain free. Dr. Guy and Tomas were amazing thank you!!!!
Excellent treatment. Dr. Kissling was very thorough – everyone presented a patient friendly environment – highly recommend
I loved the staff !! I felt like they were very detail oriented and that they cared about my comfort. The facility is very nice and clean. I’d recommend them to anyone !!
Super fast. Easy check in online. No hassle. The staff is AWESOME! Cant go wrong.. highly recommend!!
I took my daughter here. The staff and physician were great. My daughter actually enjoyed the experience after she was treated and felt better. Thank you fir making a stressful time so much better!
I was seen right away. Everyone was very caring and kind. Great, comprehensive care. I am very thankful! Special shout out to Candy and Dr. Fitzgerald.
I love it,they know how to make u right
No one wants to visit an ER, but if you do I highly recommend Frontline ER. They provide a top notch VIP medical experience for check-in to check-out.
This ER has the most friendly, helpful, knowledgeable staff. Myself, my husband, and my son went for different medical reasons and were helped with no issue. You will get attended right away and will be well taken care of.
Thank you to the ones who have helped us in the past. We each had great treatment and each of our situations were resolved thanks to you guys.
Best customer service always in and out . My too go place every time . Always so attentive and super clean. Highly recommend
Tomas and Jaime and the drs here are the absolute best!!! They will do everything in their power to ensure you get the care u need. I go here for my migraines and when I leave, I feel like a new person!! If you go here, you will definitely be in good hands!!! Pinky promise!
The Staff was amazing. The Migraine treatment for our Daughter was a Godsend. They were able to break a Migraine she has endured for 3 weeks. Their knowledge and professional attention was absolutely the best I have ever seen in all her years battling this debilitating disease. The kind and caring nature of RN Chris and Dr. Guy was supreme. The check in process was smooth and stress free.
The Staff was very professional and made me feel like a human being that they truly cared about in helping me to heal from a virus. I recommend this place to everyone if you ever feel sick or something is wrong and you don’t know what it is. They did know what the problem was. Very professional and helpful
First time here!!! The service I received was amazing. From front desk lady Luzma, to RN Candy, Jaime the tech and Dr. Fitzgerald. The medical information for my visit was read to me throughly, it was a lot and they wanted to make sure I understood. The staff were all so attentive and made me feel very comfortable as I waited for test results. Side note: The cleanliness of the place was on point(that’s always a must). Open 24/7 I highly recommend Frontline ER to all my family and friends! I appreciate you all. Thank you so much!
This place is a life saver. Went in and they made me feel welcomed. I was in so much pain the nurse and dr there took great care of me. The receptionist was very nice and welcomed me as soon as I walked in.
I highly recommend this place.
Dr. Tran, Candi and Jamie were the best I am not a fan of going to the ER, but they were very attentive and actually took the time to listen. This team changed my apprehension about ER visits.
I want to thank Dr. Eric Guy, Nurse Tomas, Nurse Candy and Dr. Pandi. In one week I had to go to this ER twice. I am front out of town and had a restaurant mess up my order, which due to my food allergy could have lead to anaphylaxis. It’s hard enough going through medical issues, yet when you are out of town in a new area, it makes it even harder. Dr. Guy and Nurse Tomas took care of my situation immediately with true care and compassion. They calmed me down during a moment of a lot of stress and handled it better than anyone that I’ve seen for this type of situation. Then, the doctor himself called me the following day to check up on me.

Two days after I had to return to the ER for an entirely different reason (I had surgery on this day and was not feeling well at all after hours). This time I was under the care of Nurse Candy and Dr. Pandi. They worked extremely hard and did everything possible to get an IV needle into a very dehydrated me, even though it was a challenge. They did everything they could to make sure that I felt better and did not leave my side until I did. They encouraged me, listened to me, and even brought tissues when I couldn’t hold the tears back anymore after a very long, tedious, and stressful week.

My husband and I are very appreciative of the care I received in this facility. It was better than the care that I have received in medical facilities back home. Words really can’t express how grateful we are. God bless you guys.

I felt very well taken care of at my visit . Frontline is very clean and work in a very timely matter and everyone is very friendly. I strongly recommend frontline .
Kind and courteous staff. While I was in the exam room staff made sure my husband and 6 month old Lab Retriever were comfortable and hydrated while waiting for me outside of facility. Provider was attentive and provided appropriate recommendations.
I want to thank Luzma who’s bright smile greeted me first. She helped me register. Thank Dr. Tran for listening and making feel better. I want to thank Nurse Josh for his care. Jaime for his excellent assistance. I walked in thinking it was the flu and 2 breathing treatments later I was getting treated for pneumonia. Thank you for the great and quick care.
I visited the Dallas frontline medical center for a health emergency, all the people who attended me were very formal, excellent professionals especially gizelle, Tomas, Dr Stacks, and 10 stars for the radiologist Jaime, his knowledge and excellent service, I recommend This clinic, my doubts all resolved by them.
Thank you to this team who helped me so much! I had been having migraines for over a week and this team took care of me and would not stop until I felt better. I had been to another hospital’s ER and my neurologist who then recommended Frontline. Thank you to Martha, Tomas, Candy, Dr. Tran, and Jaime…I know where to go if I find myself in need of help again!
Just wow! My 12 year old went through a window during a game of hide and seek. With 2 big cuts and a scared kid (and mama), this was the absolute best place to go. No wait. Kind staff. Efficient check in. Excellent medical team. Great bedside manner. Calming atmosphere. Care that quick and careful. Thank you Frontline! Telling everyone about how pleased we are!
I dont write reviews. But This morning was my first time coming to this ER. Best experience ever. Dr. Fitzgerald and nurse Candy were very professional. Dr. Fitzgerald made sure I was taken care of. She explained and answered all my questions. She was very thorough with her examinzation. Nurse Candy made sure I was comfortable. Excellent. Please do not hesitate to come to this ER if needed.
This place is truly the definition of an emergency room. There’s no waiting, clean, professional staffs. Cody was awesome at the registration desk. Nurse Chris was super. The radiology tech Khoda was on point and Dr Kissling was outta this world fantastic. I would switch my primary physician if it was possible. This location and staff are all stars. The best medical facility hands down. So grateful this place exist.
Well after a nasty cut left my leg wide open on a Sunday, I had to hit up an ER and I wanted something clean, new, fast in and out process with great reviews … and this is the place!! Without power bc of a storm which a lot of Dallas was without it, I was taken in and luckily they had enough power going to get me done! I got stitched right up and currently healing now.. will update when I’m fully healed! Thank you again for the great service – Cody, Chris, Filipa and Dr. Saunders! Would post pics but I’m going to leave those out this time lol.
I took my son with a busted chin here and they glued it right up. They also gave him cookies and Gatorade and we left with my 5 year old saying, “I like this place!” Great service from Luzma, Kirstin, Jaime and Dr. Kissling!
I was just recently sent to this ER by my doctors office due to a migraine that I had for almost 4 weeks. They did more for me and my headache in hours than a hospital did in two weeks. I am SO grateful for this staff! They took care of me and my mom while I was there, making sure we were both comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend Frontline ER! I live almost an hour away and would gladly drive it again if need be! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!!!!


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