Emergency Room: When to Go to an ER for Car Wreck: Sprains in Other Parts of the Body

Emergency Room: When to Go to an ER for Car Wreck: Sprains in Other Parts of the Body

Millions of Americans from across the country get into their cars and behind the wheel to drive themselves to various destinations every day. On top of that, millions more get into cars, but this time as passengers, particularly in the modern age when more and more people are realizing the benefits of carpooling. What this means is that there are so many people on the roads every day which is why car accidents are reported daily, with many cases ending up in ERs around the country, including the highly rated frontlineer.com. Not all these accidents lead to serious injuries, some actually end up damaging our vehicles more, leading more to arguments on the road about whose fault it was, than injuries. However, a significant number of car wrecks lead to injuries that are severe enough to have you taken to an ER like the excellent frontlineer.com, with some even leading to serious consequences such as permanent disability and even death. Car wrecks will cause all manner of injuries, and among the most common ones are sprains. When it comes to sprains following a car wreck, most people will experience neck or back sprains. However, one can still suffer a sprain in the other parts of the body, some which will be serious enough to have you taken to an ER, something this article will look to take a closer look at.

Sprain injuries are injuries leading to the overstretching and even tearing of ligaments, which as per discussions on the same over at frontlineer.com, are the connecting tissues that connect one bone to another, particularly in joints. The sudden movements and jerking experienced during car wrecks will usually lead to one suffering sprains. As per the gurus over at frontlineer.com, sprains are categorized into 3 main categories. Grade 1 sprains are the ones which only involve light stretching of the ligament, and while you may experience some pain and limited mobility, they are usually nothing to worry about. You can also suffer a grade 2 sprain which involves a partial tear to the ligament and can cause the affected joint to become unstable as well as resulting into more severe pain and swelling. Finally, you can also suffer a grade 3 sprain which involves a complete tear of the ligament, whereby the ligament gets torn into two. This will lead to severe instability in the joint as well as extremely limited mobility. You will also experience more severe pain and the affected joint may look severely deformed. The latter type of sprains are the ones that you are likely to experience due to a car wreck given the forces involved, as per the gurus over at frontlineer.com. If you are experiencing the signs of a severe sprain, such as severe pain, limited or no movement of the affected joint as well as swelling among others, then you should also head over to an ER to be assessed and attended to. Severe sprains may require surgery to be corrected.

Next up, we are going to take a look at the parts of the body where people tend to suffer sprains in following car wrecks. Top of the list are the hands and wrists, something backed up by the subject matter experts over at the highly rated frontlineer.com. This is to be expected as when one is in the throes of a car wreck, the first thing you are likely to do is to instinctively throw your hands forward so as to brace yourself for the impending bang. It is the forces exerted on our hands and wrists that lead to this sort of sprains, where the ligaments in the wrist will be stretched and even torn depending on the severity of the force. Some of the symptoms to look out for as far as severe sprains of the hand and wrist go include severe swelling and stiffness, numbness, trouble or even an inability to move, flex or straighten your wrist, severe pain as well as burning or tingling in your arms or wrist among others as discussed in detail over at the highly rated frontlineer.com. It may be difficult to tell the severity of the damage in the immediate aftermath of a car wreck which is why it is recommended that you go to the ER if you are presenting with signs of such a sprain so that you can be assessed and attended to.

Knee sprains are also quite common as far as sprains following a car wreck are concerned, something the gurus over at frontlineer.com are in agreement with. Knee sprains can be quite severe and may involve any of the three ligaments in the knee which are the posterior cruciate ligament, the medial collateral ligament as well as the anterior cruciate ligament. Severe sprains of the knee will lead to severe pain, swelling, discoloration, popping noises when trying to move the knee as well as deformity and reduced or no movement of the affected knee. As per discussions on the same over at frontlineer.com, severe sprains of the knee may require corrective surgery to treat the torn ligaments. If you are to regain full functionality of your knee, it is important that you head over to an ER as soon as possible for treatment.

It is our hope that the above discussion will be of great help to you if you ever suffer a car wreck, with there being more to be uncovered on this very wide topic over at the excellent frontlineer.com, which is also the best place to go to for emergency treatment for such injuries.


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