Emergency Room

Who Visits the Emergency Room in Texas?

Who visits the emergency room? Who are the people behind the numbers? Well, to understand who visits the emergency room in America, we took a look at the emergency room statistics as provided by the National Center for Health Statistics and there is a growing trend behind the numbers- more Americans, insured or not, are Read More

When to go to the emergency room for youth sports

The earlier an injury is reported to an emergency room, the sooner the problem gets addressed and the lower the chances of further aggravating the injury resulting in more problems. Here at Frontline Emergency Room, we always advise our clients to report even the slightest of nagging sports injuries on time because we know that Read More

When to visit the emergency room for headaches

Whether mild or seriously throbbing, we have all suffered from a headache. They are unwelcome guests every now and again but thing is, they not ceasing to hit us any time soon. What causes these headaches? When should you ride out the pain? When should you go to the emergency room for headaches? Causes of Read More

When to go to the emergency room for heatstroke

If heat exhaustion is not addressed on time, then it escalates quickly and becomes heatstroke.  Heatstroke is far more serious than heat exhaustion and if not addressed, it can lead to organ damage and in severe cases, death. It is therefore important to report any signs and symptoms of heatstroke or heat exhaustion as soon Read More